Serial Entrepreneur Guillermo Aharom Abendano Duque announces his new business venture


Guillermo Aharom Abendano Duque is a serial entrepreneur who has achieved massive success in the business world. From starting out as an Ecuadorian immigrant who didn’t speak English to becoming a 6-figure earner and opening his own lounge, Guillermo’s story is truly inspiring. Now, he aims to take his business global.

Exotica’s Success Story

Guillermo’s main business, Exotica Catering Company, has been a major success story since its inception in 2020. The catering business has tripled its revenue annually, and it’s set to open its first members-only premium lounge that accepts cryptocurrency in Hollywood in Summer 2023 . Guillermo’s vision is to create the most exclusive and expensive lounge brand in the world.

Trading and Investments: Guillermo’s Next Big Move

Apart from his success in the business world, Guillermo is also a full-time trader and cryptocurrency investor. He kicked off his investment journey by buying BTC at $8k, and he has since built a formidable portfolio that includes gold, cybersecurity stocks, and other investments. Guillermo is well known in the Finance World as “Stockspapi.“ Guillermo’s next big move is to continue building his portfolio and achieve 7-figure earnings through his investments.

Marketing Automation with AYVI: Helping Businesses Grow Globally

Guillermo is also the founder of AYVI, a marketing agency that helps companies automate their social media engagement and grow on autopilot. By leveraging artificial intelligence, AYVI can help businesses reach their target audience, increase their online visibility, and ultimately, grow their business. With AYVI, Guillermo is aiming to help thousands of businesses automate their marketing strategies and grow globally.

Expansion Plans for Exotica Lounge

With the success of Exotica, Guillermo is now setting his sights on expanding the business globally. He plans to open multiple exotic lounges around the world, offering customers a luxurious and exclusive experience that cannot be found elsewhere. By expanding his business globally, Guillermo hopes to inspire others to pursue their dreams and achieve success on a global scale.

In conclusion, Guillermo Aharom Abendano Duque’s story is an inspiring one that shows the power of hard work, determination, and vision. From starting out as an immigrant who didn’t know any English to becoming a successful entrepreneur, trader, and investor, Guillermo has proven that anything is possible with the right mindset and work ethic. With his plans for expansion, Guillermo is poised to take his business to new heights and inspire others to pursue their own dreams and aspirations on a global scale.