Kelly Siegel
Kelly Siegel

How Kelly Siegel And National Technology Management Are Thriving In Fast-Paced IT Industry


Kelly Siegel has played a key role, and continues to, in the remarkable success of IT company National Technology Management (NTM). We hear all about the journey so far, as well as the vision for the future.

Ability To Stand Out

There is no shortage of talent in today’s fast-paced world of business. 

But amid the significant level of competition across industries, being able to stand out is a major challenge facing business leaders.

But National Technology Management (NTM), which is headed by Kelly Siegel, is doing just that after impressively changing the way that IT services are provided.

It is an organization which truly prioritizes every need of its clients.

While many companies are selfishly focused on making a quick buck, NTM has a laser-like focus on building strong relationships, alongside its growth as a business.

NTM is the most responsive, easiest to do business with IT company.  

It delivers peace of mind through technology, every day.

NTM’s solution is a turn key phone, cybersecurity, insurance-compliant offering – whether onsite or in the cloud. And one thing is for sure: if you have a problem, NTM will solve it.

Crucial Lessons

Although Kelly has enjoyed much success in his career to date, he has also learned many valuable lessons along the way.

The biggest lesson that he has learned is to not deviate away from the company’s standard – and to not do one-offs, no matter what.

He highlighted that when NTM does either of those, the customer loses, and the company’s team loses.  

The team ends up doing it the standard method, in the end, and laugh about thinking they knew better.

NTM was formed from a merger between Kelly Communications and Venture Data Comm.  

It was originally founded in 1997, so it is 25 years old this year.

Biggest Success

NTM’s biggest success is that when the company implements its standard, it is quiet and not seen so the client is able to do its core revenue driven processes uninterrupted by technology.  

Many clients see an increase in productivity, but all clients have zero concern over ransomware and the insurance companies dropping the hammer on it, as they are compliant already.

But despite enjoying an impressive amount of success so far, Kelly has set his sights on achieving even more in the future.

He wrote a book titled Harder than Life and linked it to NTM’s core values.  

Meanwhile, the team are also launching a podcast and have revamped all marketing efforts including a new website with SEO and brand management.  

Kelly also has a podcast coming out where interviews will be carried out with clients, friends and fellow business owners, along with discussing whether they are Harder than Life.

NTM’s goal is to be the best. The company measures everything to get better and won’t settle for less.

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