The Power of Print Marketing in a Digital World

It’s easy to see an overload of digital media all around us, but, in today’s world, print and digital marketing strategies exist together and complement one another in powerful ways. Both channels have unique strengths that allow marketers to connect with audiences and drive results when used effectively.


Why Print Marketing Is Important

Print marketing, like direct mail pieces, magazines, catalogs, brochures, and posters maintains key advantages in the digital age. The tangible nature of print makes it feel more “real” and credible to consumers. Print also reduces digital clutter and information overload by providing focused content and uninterrupted user engagement. The perceived value of print is high, as people associate it with quality and prestige. For B2B companies like Print Tech, print collateral and sales materials still hold weight in sales conversations.


How Digital Marketing Is Different

At the same time, digital marketing remains essential for its unique strengths in adaptability, scale, measurability, and convenience. Digital channels like social media, email marketing, pay-per-click ads, and website content have the power to spread marketing messages far and wide through shares, clicks, and hyperlinks. These digital touchpoints provide more dynamic experiences with interactive elements like clickable images, buttons, and forms that encourage engagement. Marketers can also track tangible metrics and data around digital campaigns much more easily than print, including website traffic, conversions, lead generation sign-ups, online purchases, and sales attributed to digital channels. The immediacy and adaptability of digital allows marketers to tweak campaigns, personalize messaging, target specific demographics, and react quickly to trends and changing consumer habits. While digital involves fighting for attention amidst information overload and screen fatigue, the sheer scope and measurability of digital marketing make it indispensable.


How To Maximize Your Marketing Experience

When print and digital work together, they capitalize on their unique advantages for maximum marketing success. Some effective ways to connect print and digital include:

– QR codes on print materials that link to digital content or conversions

– Augmented reality mobile apps that bring print content to life digitally

– Direct mail with PURLs that track individual response rates

– Catalogs and brochures with links/calls-to-action to online shops

– Promotional codes on print ads or packaging for digital redemptions

– Digital display ads that drive traffic to print publications

– Retargeting digital ads to website visitors who engaged with print content


For Print Tech specifically, combining print and digital allows for compelling campaigns. Print Tech’s expertise in commercial print, direct mail, catalogs, signage, packaging, and promotional items empowers impactful print touchpoints. Integrating digital elements creates seamless omnichannel experiences:

– Product packaging with QR codes linking to reviews, product info, or videos

– Direct mail postcards with PURLs for lead gen and sales nurturing

– Catalogs that drive visitors to the e-commerce site to purchase

– Large format signage or trade show displays with AR activations

– Promotional giveaway items like pens or apparel with snapcodes

In essence, print establishes credibility and quality while digital provides scalability, metrics, and interactivity. When interwoven intentionally, print and digital complement each other perfectly on the customer journey from awareness to consideration to conversion. Both will continue playing important roles as Print Tech delivers integrated omnichannel marketing solutions to Pennsylvania clients.