The Personal Training Program For All Those Who Don’t Like Personal Training Programs

Pro-bodybuilder and Hollywood star coach Eric Janicki has developed his boutique online program with a niche approach: the sustainable combination of physical training, a balanced mental health and nursing nutrition – implemented into his clients’ tight daily schedules and routines.

Besides his career as an athlete and coach, Janicki holds impressive qualifications through his work in the financial sector. Initially, he started training clients during the weekend, as he represented executive positions in finance. However, the happiness he got from helping people, had a strong impact on the joy he felt at work. It wasn’t just about the physical changes, it was about a personal evolution that he was allowed to guide and inspire. That’s how he got into personal training. More specifically, he started to grow rapidly as one of the prestigious trainers in West Hollywood. 

About Faction Training 

Faction Training caters to the individual requirements of a client. The objective is to get high-end clients like entrepreneurs and business running folks that have little to no time for fitness. By specifically assisting them in making the right lifestyle changes for tangible results, Faction Training is going to reign top in the league.

The holistic approach focuses on mental well-being, performance enhancement, feeling higher energy and much more. It isn’t just another fitness program, but a way for the person to optimize themselves. Since every successful person wants to manifest their best version, Faction Training can be their stop. 

The Plans For The Enterprise 

As a CEO, Eric Janicki keeps himself business and overlooks everything from the training to the growth of the business. He is a one man army and striving to improve the coaching, business modules, boosting social prestige and much more. Of course, he has grown his team with around three sales experts, a full-time videographer, an ad consultant and five qualified coaches for training. But this is just the start, Eric Janicki has big plans for his Faction. 

Faction Training is surely on its path to develop into a worldwide brand, with more and more people discovering the benefits of online courses. On the high end of quality offers, Janicki’s brand is standing out.