Rxch Banana

Rxch Banana Hits the Music Industry with a New Track This October

Rxch Banana is a Hip-Hop artist from Huston, Texas. His passion for music developed a few years ago, and from a listener, he became an artist making history in this industry.

His music and especially the words are highly influenced by his childhood memories. Rxch Banana had a childhood of poverty, surrounded by drug dealers and drug addicts. When you experience this lifestyle at such an early stage, it is quite impossible to get rid of this baggage, even after years and years.

It is said that the best music is written and developed from real experiences and in fact this young artist is giving his very 100% into it. His past is coming to life through every song he writes . Losing his father , his friends and family was definitely a very painful experience and has had a major influence on his music.

Regardless of his tough life and unforgettable background, Rxch Banana did not give up on his dream and he kept moving forward pursuing his talent. At the moment, the video for “ Prove It “is in process of being edited and polished in order to be ready for the big release on the 31st of October.

At the moment, Rxch Banana is living in the Bay Area of San Francisco, CA. Why is his music different than other Artist in the industry? Well, he has an original touch when comes to punchlines and delivering the music itself. His smooth delivery and witty punchlines give his music an upbeat vibe and conscious feel. With so many artists out there, creating and recreating music with your own touch it is highly important to be original in this industry. Without a doubt, his lyrics transmit a very powerful message and people are touched by his music.

The key to success is to be passionate about what you are doing. Rxch Banana definitely has that desire to create, deliver, and transmit an important message to this generation. His story is the real proof that even if your life is trolling you around, you can raise from ashes and become the person or the artist you want to be. Nothing can stop you if you are determined enough.

Rxch Banana’s inspiration is driven by Hip-Hop, R&B, and Soul. For the last six years, he is working hard on achieving his goals and dreams. It was not an easy path, from a fanatic listener to an artist he managed to become who he is today through hard work, commitment, and of course, passion for music. Since then, his career in music is flourishing, and a very promising project is about to follow.

To wrap this up, Rxch Banans’s experience turned his life into something unexpected at an early age. Today, he is a successful artist with the freedom to create music and add a bit of reality to the music industry.
Stay tuned and listen to his new track, which will be released on the 31st of October.

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