Providing Capital for Underprivileged Youth & Helping Others with Henok Yeshanew


Every day, more and more younger entrepreneurs dare to implement that idea that haunts their heads for months. Their motivation ? There are many! Working on their own business and without being accountable to a boss, getting rid of a pressing schedule decided by others, gaining financial independence and becoming a role model are the main ones that make these young people venture in order to make their dreams come true and therefore start their own business.

Do you also plan to take your business idea to the next level? Fortunately, there are many success stories that we can find all over the world of young people who have managed to stand out and receive recognition for their entrepreneurial capacity and, for this reason, we have an amazing young entrepreneur, Hanok Yeshanew, who is creating an Investment firm that will focus on providing capital for underprivileged youth. He will open an incubator sort of company which will help young professionals grow their business ideas from scratch.

Launching Large Health clinics in Africa and providing free healthcare

Hanok is not only thinking about young entrepreneurs that want to become successful, he is also planning to launch Large Health clinics in each region of Africa and provide free healthcare to all residents of the African continent. He already started this healthcare venture by sparking discussions with the African Commission and has already submitted a plan to Doctors Without Borders.

Doctors in Africa are highly trained but the shortage of these professionals is alarming.

Over time, a number of myths have been created about health and disease in Africa. The idea is that it is a place where epidemics and deadly diseases proliferate, where anybody might easily get sick and then die. This is far from the truth. And the covid proved this. Africa, despite its limited resources and infrastructure, has been the continent less impacted by this pandemic.

It is true that the continent has been home to many terrible diseases in the past but the bigger picture shows a different story. Many of the main health problems on the African continent stem from poor public policies and lack of investment in health and social security systems, which Hanok will try to tackle with his great idea.

Launching a travel firm allowing the students to travel for free

Hanok Yeshanew is, beside the other exciting projects, is launching a Travel company that will help students desiring to travel but can’t afford to pay it from their own pocket. Hanok will help them by covering their costs and have them help different communities in need in their own local communities. He recently launched the Magazine called “Trad Magazine”, which is becoming more than a magazine, it is also representing an event and a charity agency that is already one of the top in the world.

A bit more about Henok Yeshanew

Henok is a Top 40 Under 40 Award Winner and the founder of Lion Marketing Agency, a full-service marketing firm dedicated to helping medium to large businesses achieve success and growth. His company has been awarded Top Marketing Agency in Ontario in 2018 & 2019 by Canada Business Awards.

He is famous for being the happiest person in any room he steps in. What makes him different from many other entrepreneurs is not only the passion but also the caring about others. He always have a smile on his face. He is not a close-minded person, literally the opposite – he is always looking to make new connections and network with others as much as possible. He learned from his own experience why networking is so important, it does not just connect you with new people but also helps you make your ideas come true. Henok loves to travel and experience new ways of life, cultures and experience adventures. He is always motivated to change the old style of thinking in marketing and teach more proactive ways to succeed in this new era of marketing, where digital is taking the place of the old.

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