Samantha Stewart
Samantha Stewart

One on One with Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur Samantha Stewart

Samantha Stewart is a successful entrepreneur who has achieved her goals and is now helping others do the same. As the Founder and CEO of SR=S, she brings 20 years of business experience to her coaching practice. Her clients are from various industries and are seeking to scale and grow their businesses. Samantha believes in taking control of one’s future, prioritizing time and relationships, and stepping out of one’s comfort zone. Her biggest lesson is to start before being ready and not to let failures hold you back.

For those interested in entering the industry, Samantha advises asking yourself questions like “How focused can I be?” and “Do I want this more than anything else?” Being an entrepreneur can be rewarding but it’s not for everyone. The journey is challenging, but the outcome is worth it if you are dedicated to your goals.

It has not been all sunshine for Samantha.  Samantha Stewart’s life took a drastic turn 8 years ago when she suffered a pulmonary embolism and flatlined three times. Despite this traumatic experience, she emerged with a newfound appreciation for life and a clear sense of purpose. Her determination to live her purpose every day is evident in her accomplishments, including selling her first company at 25 and creating and selling her second company by 30. Her journey has not been easy, as she grew up quickly after her mother was in a car accident and had to care for her during her rehabilitation. However, her perseverance and drive have led her to become a successful entrepreneur.

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