Need Some Inspiration Today – You Won’t Believe This Man’s Story

Xander Neff, 27, is living an extraordinary life. The entrepreneur didn’t come from much. His father was a coal miner and mother would babysit to earn money. As a young-teen, Xander learned to look after himself by taking various jobs like working on farms, cutting grass for people, and much more. A southern boy, a farm boy. 

While he was 19, Xander decided to skip school one day for snowboarding practice. He had been attempting to master a double backflip move. The year was 2021 and the traumatic brain injury from the snowboarding accident landed him into 1 week coma. But he didn’t give up there. After learning about his paralyzed state from waist down, he strived to walk again and started therapy. 

Within a year, he joined the army in 2013 and even graduated as a top-tier member at Fort Leonard Wood Missouri with the title of 31 Bravo Military Police Man. He further trained in Lackland Airforce Base in San Antonio, Texas. 

Post-graduation, he was sent for the hardship deployment to South Korea for a year. However, during a training simulation, he ended up receiving a tear in the ligament of his knees. This led him to return to Fort Bragg NC, where he got a surgery but had to get an honorary discharge. Although he moved to Tampa for the last attempt, PTSD, anxiety and other experiences rendered him incapable of serving. 

It was the worst time of his life as the young man didn’t have a job and was living in his car with $3 in his bank account. He decided to play the last role of making an Instagram post about never giving up. There was nothing left for him but the post went viral.

It landed him with a person who offered him for a dance crew. Moving to Las Vegas changed his life as a member of the pro-dance crew. However, the modeling world received his gift later when a friend from the army asked him to drive him to Tampa for a photoshoot.

Intrigued by his personality, the Photographer took his pictures and they ended up getting sold for romance novels. From there, Xander started his modeling career. He even started OnlyFans and much more. Today, he runs a Modeling agency known as XK Luxury.