Meet the Fastest Rising eCommerce Entrepreneur: An Interview with Brandon Nguyen (Yengub)
Meet the Fastest Rising eCommerce Entrepreneur: An Interview with Brandon Nguyen (Yengub)

Meet the Fastest Rising eCommerce Entrepreneur: An Interview with Brandon Nguyen (Yengub)

Brandon Nguyen is a self-made eCommerce entrepreneur who is in his twenties. He generated over $1,000,000 in revenue from e-commerce stores in a year. After that, in the second year, he generated $10,000,000 for his eCommerce stores.

Now tell me, Yengub, how did you get started on your entrepreneurship journey?

Yengub: Many people call me Yen/Yengub; however, my real name is Brandon Nguyen. After leaving university at 19, I began my entrepreneurship journey and have since sold over $15 million online through my many eCommerce stores. Entrepreneur, mentor, and direct response marketer are what I believe myself to be.

What’s the most important lesson you have learned in your journey?

Yengub: To get to the point, the most important lesson I learned was that there will always be massive fluctuations in business and enormous uncertainty. You never know what will happen, so being focused and believing in the bigger picture is essential. Luckily, I never spent any of the money I earned, and my main aim was to become great, so even though I was at 0 and on credit, I found a way to smile and work through it all, and I finally did, and I’m back and better than ever before.

What has been your most impressive entrepreneurship achievement?

  • $0 To $1,000,000 In 1 Month With My Own eCommerce Store
  • $2,000,000 In 1 Month With My eCommerce Store
  • $10,000,000+ In 1 Year With My eCommerce Stores
  • Being one of the most reputable content creators in the eCommerce space, online
  • $1M+ In Upsells Awarded By Zipify (Shopify App)
  • 2-Comma-Award With ClickFunnels

What were some of the challenges you’ve had to overcome to get to this point?

Yengub: I started my eCommerce store in January of 2019, but I didn’t notice much success until the near end of the year. But at the start of 2019, I had a small success that proved the potential of this business model. Even though I didn’t get any results for 7-9 months, I continued to work 12-14 hours a day while studying and applying for jobs. It was extremely demanding on my mental and physical well-being, but I made it through and achieved what most people can only dream for. 

What are your future goals and ventures?

Talking about his future goal Yengub says, my future goal is building an educational institution and mentoring young lives. I believe the early stages of people’s lives echo massively throughout the rest of their lives, and I want to be there to provide support and be a good mentor and role model to make a positive impact on their own lives and others. Currently, I am building a community, mastermind, and online educational program. 

Do you have any advice for people who would like to start a career like yours?

Yengub says,

“Business success is correlated directly with how you are as a person.”

First of all, you can’t bring your bad habits into this industry because it’s very cut-throat and is 10X harder than what most are doing. 

It would help if you had extreme focus and discipline to make it in this industry.

Many people come into this industry thinking they can work less and make more- the reality is… You WORK MORE and MAKE LESS, and if you’re bringing the EXACT habits you’re taking from your 9-to-5 and expect you’ll get massive results, you’re WRONG. 

What are some of the quotes that inspire you the most?

Yengub: “God gives all birds its food, but he does not put it in its nest.”

Bundle of thanks for taking the time to speak with me! What is the best way for someone who wants to get in touch with you?

Yengub: Please consider following me on Instagram and subscribing to my YouTube channel.