cindy tran

Meet Cindy Tran: Fitness and Social Media Hustler

Cindy Tran is not only a thriving and highly followed Instagram fitness model but is also a seasoned entrepreneur. Between her work on the social platform gaining ridiculous momentum to her Miss Cindy Fit activewear and branding, there isn’t anything Miss Cindy isn’t able to accomplish.

If there was one phrase to best describe Cindy, it would be “self-made”. Her attitude, her spirit is all, by nature, entrepreneurial. As a first-generation American, she learned at a very young age, both from her circumstances and her Father, that the only way to get somewhere was with hard work. She says: “While I do not judge what others choose to do with their time/money, I really pride myself on working for everything I have, whether it be my body, my car, or my clothes… I know how bad things can be on the other end (not being motivated) and I know I don’t want to get to that point. I like security and freedom in my life, and I am very blessed that my passions allow me to have both of those things.” She is incredibly driven, and it shows. This is an approach that she learned from her father and brought all the way through her young-adult life. Now, completely thriving and building a successful business, she sees just how important this really was.

Cindy took something that she was passionate about and made it her profession. She started working out to release energy and stress and found that it ended up being something she absolutely loved. As you can tell from her page, she created a brand and an online identity out of being a force for positivity and for self-care in the realm of taking care of your body, feeding it well, and finding a routine that works for you, as well as being a huge advocate for loving the skin you’re in and self-love in general. While she is a huge proponent of doing what makes you feel good, she personally has never felt the need to surgically augment anything about herself and stands by feeling good in the body you have.

Like many entrepreneurs, Cindy knows what it’s like to make a big leap of faith. Deciding to drop out of college and leave Arizona were two huge decisions, and for her, these were to steps in the direction of betting on herself. This massive change, she says, is also one of the best and happiest things that has ever happened to her. Feeling like you’re deciding something for yourself gives you so much power. There is truly nothing Cindy doesn’t approach with a positive outlook and a fighter attitude.

Cindy uses the phrase “You can always get yourself out of a bad storm” to inspire her to continue to take those leaps, to keep on pushing through. Her favorite quote of all time is “You are the one that possesses the keys to your being. You carry the passport to your own happiness.” – Diane von Furstenberg, and Cindy truly carries this into everything she does.

Be sure to follow @misscindyy on Instagram and her other socials in order to keep up with what she’s up to. You can even snag some work out tips from her videos on her @misscindyyfit page, some great advice from her profile, and you have to check out her cute leggings. She’s a great follow for her positivity and inspiration but, by the way, she’s gorgeous. In any case, make sure to keep up with Cindy, because in the realm of world-class entrepreneurs, you’re about to hear a whole lot more about Miss Cindy Tran.