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Marco Calamassi – The Marketing Entrepreneur Who Wants to Give The Power Back to The influencer


Marco Calamassi is a self-made digital marketing entrepreneur who has started 5 online businesses in 10 years. His most recent online venture Brands Builder aims to empower influencers to leverage their power to create a business of their brand and take it in a clear direction.

Keep reading to find out how he got his start in online business, and his guiding principles and daily practices he adopts to stay on his A-game.

Who is Marco Calamassi?

Marco Calamassi (or Cala, as he’s known) has come a long way from growing up in the town of Poggibonsi, Italy, famous for its production of Chianti. He’s a serial digital entrepreneur who began an eBay business at the tender age of 10. Now 34, he’s started over 5 online businesses, and has become an authority in the digital marketing space.

Chasing the American dream after high school, he moved to Malibu where he studied Business Management at Pepperdine University. Here he got a taste for entrepreneurship, and upon returning to Italy began managing businesses in clothing and rental properties.

He visited Miami at age 25 and fell in love with the growing culture. After beginning to understand the limitations that come with managing a brick and mortar business, he decided to venture into the online business world, learning more about e-commerce, social media and digital marketing while travelling too and from Miami. He discovered that working online creates freedom, finding that he could leverage the life he wanted through the fast-growing realm of online business.

From E-Commerce to the Digital Marketing Entrepreneur

Marco Calamassi has now been involved with the E-commerce community since 2011, and has built, scaled and managed over 5 online businesses. Most recently, his business Brands Builder was started to teach influencers how to reap the benefits of their hard work by creating attractive offers for brands that leverage their authority and following.

The service-based company aims to give the power back to the influencer. It is a “growth service” that helps brands and personalities optimize their exposure on socials. They are focused on leveraging influence, communities and followings of clients, and aids influencers, web personalities and celebrities develop their own brand, product or service which speaks to their existing audience.

His team of content creators, coders, designers, marketers and product developers help clients curate their brand personality, and build their digital knowledge in managing finances and corporate relationships. He’s empowering influencers to leverage their social media following, creating a business and take their brand in a clear direction.

Secrets to Success

He preaches knowing your strengths and weaknesses and improving every day. And not to get too hung up on being a master, as everyone has room to improve. He aims to put 100% behind everything he does, because “how we do anything is how we do everything”.

As a self-professed ‘planning geek’, he truly believes that a good blueprint is a crucial part of any successful venture. He’s always aiming to provide a quality service and prove his worth. He believes in offering genuine solutions to his clients.

Also, YouTube university! Marco has admitted to watching 3-5 hours a day watching YouTube videos, from educational lessons and tutorials to blueprints, case studies and courses. His advice to aspiring digital marketing entrepreneurs is to never over-leverage your position in terms of risk or debt when you’re first starting out. Start small, experience all you can without getting burned (or badly burned at least), and try, test and fail until you’ve found your calling. Each small fail will put you on a road to success, as you will adapt, get to know yourself better, and find your path. Stay humble, offer real solutions, learn and grow every day.