Louis Albanese

Making Millions on the Internet – Interviewing E-Commerce Mogul Louis Albanese


Louis (called Louie by his friends) Albanese is known as an expert in e-commerce down to his ability to make millions for his clients through investing and setting up businesses on platforms like Amazon.  Louie set up his business in 2020 and manages to make his clients passive income with little leg work needed from them. He is known as an Amazon guru and today we will get an insight into why. Here’s some Q and A’s from a sit down with E-commerce mogul, Louie Albanese.

What does your company “Amazon Freedom” do and can you tell us a little about your background?

“At Amazon Freedom we build seamless 7 figure amazon stores for each of our clients, while handling all of the day-to-day tedious work. We understand time is one of the most valuable commodities, so with our help and expertise our clients are able to have steady passive income streams that are equivalent to an additional salary if not more. Invest In Your Freedom is a sense of community and family where we strive to help people gain knowledge, income and networking. My personal background started in pre-med because I wanted to help people but I knew I was always an entrepreneur at heart. Now I help people financially so they can enjoy the better things in life and I haven’t looked back since.”

More and more people are creating businesses through Amazon but most don’t have the time to run it due to busy schedules. Louie has cleverly created a market for his business by taking away the time constraints and built a community as a result.

Describe any unique characteristics or attributes of yourself/company?

“The uniqueness of the businesses is the network. We’ve created a community that was made for the stock market and e-commerce and transitioned into something much bigger. Our original idea created multiple other investment opportunities for everyone. We have members helping others purchase homes, cars, watches, services, and more. We even had a few members make enough money with us to pay for engagement rings! That was an amazing feeling.”

This unique method has allowed Louie to create opportunities for so many people. This network has allowed many to achieve their financial goals.

What separates you or your products/services from your competition? 

“We have top tier people working with us, as well as a multi-million-dollar algorithm, that is only offered to our clientele and not like these other generic tools people use online.”

Another example of how Louie has carved his own role in an original way essentially creating a gap in the market.

Any tip/advice for young entrepreneur or anybody who wants to emerge in your industry? 

“My advice for young entrepreneurs or anyone looking to do what we do, is start investing now, start pushing your limits, start taking risks and keep your mind open to the possibilities.”

Any specific financial goal? 

“My goal sometimes scares people but it is to make 100 million.”


I think Louie’s ambition stands out the most among his answers. This has allowed him to achieve a quality of life and now wants to help others do the same. His network has established strong connections and business ventures by creating an environment where everyone wants to help each other.

Louie is active on social media so you can follow the progress towards his future goals too:

Instagram: @louiealbanese

Facebook: www.facebook.com/louie.albanese