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How to Build an International Business with Entrepreneur Pasquale Minasi

Pasquale Minasi is a young, talented and successful entrepreneur, investor and author. Italian born, he managed to expand his business internationally with branches in London and Tirana. Also, he is always eager to take new opportunities onboard and to invest in emerging start-ups. How he manages to focus on all the various aspects of his global business? We will find out together directly from him. 

The dream to open a hair transplant clinic came to the horizon when Pasquale had a hair transplant procedure himself. He realized that there is a need in the industry for excellent services and most importantly, for client-focused clinics. Thus, he opened the BlueMagic Group in Istanbul with the utmost professional experience in health care and surgery.

“It is important to remember that a hair transplant can be a thoroughly life-changing experience and selecting both a treatment and a clinic are not decisions that should be taken lightly”.

The focus of the clinic is certainly around the client experience, as they offer 5-star services in terms of travel and accommodation assistance. The whole team behind this successful company works really hard to make the experience a memorable one. This is why BlueMagic Group created tailored services and have full comprehensive packages available for the customer, in order to provide full transparency about the process.

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The biggest lesson learned was always to be consistent and determined because once you are persistent, mathematically you are unbeatable because no matter what, you will make it, sooner or later. Certainly, it was not an easy process for Pasquale to become the person he is today. One of his biggest successes was to transform his lack of confidence in himself into something amazing and something to be proud of.

Even if Pasquale Minasi achieved so many goals so far, his future plans are definitely something to talk about. His vision for the future is to become the leading provider of hair transplantation services in the market in which they operate. Moreover, another venture would be to offer the best hair transplant and plastic surgery services worldwide and being financially accessible to everyone and International motivational speaker with the scope to help and support young entrepreneurs globally to achieve their goals.

His motivation comes from the desire to become every day the best version of himself and this is how he works out in order to make things happen. With such a busy schedule, if you are wondering how a daily routine in his life looks like, find out from Pasquale Minasi himself:

“I like to wake up early and take my time to start the day and think about what I want to achieve during the same day. I listen to music and a train.

The is not any magical formula, you have to listen to your body and mind. It will tell you what to do if you listen to it carefully.”

It is highly important to keep up the good vibe and motivation throughout the day, one of Pasquale’s favorite quote outlines the difference between successful and unsuccessful people.

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better.”

A piece of advice for the young entrepreneur from Pasquale Minasi would be to always keep dreaming and believe in yourself.

“Never stop investing in yourself. People forget it. There is nothing better than this if you want to become the best version of yourself. Have something to chase, to achieve..a goal..the bigger it is the most you have something to chase for.”

If you ever wondered how he managed to bring up the business to an international level, well he shares some thoughts with us. With persistence and passion, his dreams come true. Of course, a lot of hard work and failures were involved as well but after all, everything was truly worth it. Tony Robinson is one of his biggest inspiration when comes to his professional life.

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