Marco Calamassi

How Marco Calamassi has Scaled 5 Profitable Online Businesses

After starting over 5 successful online businesses, it’s clear that Marco Calamassi is an authority in the online business and more specifically the influencer marketing world. His attitude plays a huge part in this, and we’ve been wondering just what sets Marco Calamassi (or Cala, as he’s known) apart from other entrepreneurs, and what he does to ensure success.

Here you will find basic practices you should be keeping to ensure success in your online business ventures, and what you should be doing on the daily if you want to follow in his footsteps.

Starting Young

Marco Calamassi grew up in the small Tuscan hamlet of Poggibonsi, Italy. He developed a thirst for E-commerce at a young age, his dedication to the grind showing early when he started an eBay business at the early age of 10 buying and selling sneakers, previously stating “while my friends were outside playing soccer, I was searching suppliers in China and ordering a full shipping container of goods”. Feeling as though he needed to immerse himself in more of a culture of innovation, he moved to Malibu after high school and began his studies of Business at Pepperdine University. Upon returning to Italy, he decided to begin growing his skillset, and started managing his family businesses in clothing and rental properties.

At age 25, he fell in love with Miami and its growing culture. He decided to venture into the online business world, figuring this would allow him to move freely between his home of Italy, and the attractive vibrancy of Miami. He was beginning to understand the limitations that come with a brick and mortar business and wanted to create a more fluid career path, so began to learn everything there is to know about e-commerce, social media and digital marketing. After setting up a good foundational understanding of all things online business, he has since leveraged his passion for creating a life of freedom into a successful and profitable career in online business.

Use the Dedication to Motivate the Journey

Marco Calamassi has now built, scaled and managed over 5 online businesses. His most recent success being his company Brands Builder, which was started to teach influencers how to reap the benefits of their hard work by creating attractive offers for brands that leverage their authority and following.

One thing that sets Marco Calamassi apart from the rest is his dedication to success. He preaches good planning, and has said that when he was young, his creatively disorganized work processes led to many hurdles, stresses and failures. Learning from this, he now makes sure to take the time necessary in extensively planning all of the details surrounding his business ventures. He mindfully plans out the next steps and focuses all of his attention on what’s directly in front of him, not letting him get too distracted by the future or what lays too far ahead.

Trust Your Process

Calamassi believes it’s key to know your strengths and weaknesses, and always keep an open mind in order to absorb as much information as possible and learn new processes. In order to effectively build and scale a business, it’s important to focus on improving every day. Don’t sweat the small stuff and get hung up on the day to day rises and falls, but evaluate these, and use them as motivation to get better.

His advice to anyone who wants to build a highly profitable online business is to start small, learn from every success and mistake you encounter, and experience all you can through trying everything you can until you’ve found the one thing you’re passionate about and want to channel your energy into. Stay alert, get to know your own work processes through constant evaluation, and you will find your path.

You can follow Marco on his Instagram @lmcala