Chris Robinson | @sbcollector

How Chris Robinson (@SBcollector) Has Become A Top Sneakers Collector Worldwide

If you don’t know who Chris Robinson is, you should check his story below. With a community of over 130k followers on Instagram, Chris is determined to change the way people look at sneakers. Checking his account @SBcollector, you will understand that we don’t talk here just about some pair of shoes, we talk about art. 

Chris Robinson grew up in a small town on the Jersey Shore. He developed his passion for fashion since he was only a kid. As he did not afford to have the desirable pair of sneakers at that time, Chris worked hard and at 14 he bought his very first pair of sneakers. This is how everything started.

He became a collector hunting for sneakers on eBay and other platforms. The hunting for ‘unicorns’ (rare, unique pair of sneakers how they are called in their community) became a lifestyle, no longer only a passion. Now, Chris Robinson has a collection of over 3000 sneakers of all types. Simple, colorful, fancy, and samples they all form an impressive treasure.

If we take a peek into his collection, we will be truly impressed by some unique pairs. Such as the Louis Vuitton sneakers bought at a retail of $9.2k that light up in sync and they can be controlled by the phone. Isn’t it crazy? The fascinated part is that there are only 28 of them in the whole world, Lil Uzi and Kim Kardashian owns a pair as well. Still not impresses? Well, be ready for a mind-blowing fact.

Chris Robinson Bought his third pair of FLOMS (collaboration with Futura out of NYC) for 7 grand. Travis Scott bought purchased form Project Blitz in LA and wore them on his Instagram story. The hype and therefore the demand and value soon after skyrocketed and Chris sold one of his three pairs for $50 grand.

From a collector, Chris worked hard his way up to success by building the right connections and being very determined. This is why in 2007 he managed to open his first store called Addicted Sole. It was a small store located in Long Branch, NJ. In 2009 the store closed and a few years later in 2011, he purchased another store and now they will soon celebrate 10 years of excellent triumph.

From standing in lines to get the best pair of sneakers, Chris Robinson managed to make a living out of his passion. When we asked Chris, what was the best day of his life he told us:

“The happiest day of my life, non-family related is the day that I purchased my sneaker store and became the guy that gets to control the sneaker lines instead of the guy standing in the sneaker lines.”

How he managed to climb up the mountain? Maybe you will not be surprised if I tell you the generic answer: hard work. Well, Chris Robinson believed in himself more than anyone and one of his long-term goals is to prove people who don’t believe in him wrong. To conclude, we will let you with three core values from Chris’ perspective: Money, Power, and Respect.