andrea vetrano

From Passion To Business – The Journey of Andrea Vetrano

Andrea Vetrano shares his story with us today and we are all ears. His determination and passion are truly an inspiration for all of us. How he managed to earn an income by traveling? Stay with us to read his story. 

Even if at the beginning he did not set the goal of becoming an influencer, Andrea Vetrano was lucky enough to combine his passion with travel. He was always fascinated by photography and very often, he used to post pictures from his holidays on social media. Not long after that, Andrea decides to invest a bit more time into this and built a social media presence.

How to grow your online community?

As a result, his Instagram account was completely changed. The profile started to be very professional, with a common theme and he invested a lot of time in posting regularly new content. His hard work was definitely worth it because shortly after this one of the most luxurious hotels contacted him and offered a free stay.

Everyday activities

Well, isn’t this the dream? From that moment, Andrea knew that his passion can become a full-time job. As a Computer Science graduate, he had to learn a lot about marketing, advertising, and even PR. Are you curious to see how his everyday life looks like? Well, let’s have a look at his schedule together:

-Content production and editing (articles, videos, photos, and so on);

-Strategic and operational management of the brand’s social channels (because, after all, an influencer is a brand in itself);

-Marketing and digital PR activities that include strategic planning and contact with companies;

– Commercial activities that may also include the search for customers for their services.

Even if it sounds less fancy than the extravagant hotels he stays in during a holiday, these things are very essentials in his brand development. Andrea strongly believes that your image is a brand itself once you become an influencer. Without a doubt, he lives the life he always dreamed of, but nothing comes for free in life, even if it might seem that sometimes, in certain circumstances it does.

Advice from an influencer 

It’s all about finding and pursuing your passion no matter what. In my case, it’s photography and film-making and with every day I try to become a little better at it. In social media in general it all comes down to consistently uploading the best content possible and to engage with your followers. Just like in the “real“ world you got to provide value to the people who support you or buy your products. That can be beautiful photos from all around the world, travel tips, or advice on how to edit photos or grow a social media account.

If you manage to get that connection with your fans on an emotional and personal level your following will grow automatically.

Andrea’s image in the industry is highly appreciated by many hotels such as Four Seasons, St Regis, Kempinski, The Leading Hotels of the World, and many others. Travel teaches you confidence, independence, and freedom, this is why he is so passionate about it.

His Instagram page looks simply stunning. You will find short snapshots from all over the globe, immersive landscapes, and very luxurious hotels. If it is something you fancy, feel free to check his account @andreavetrano and his website