Fashion Influencers – A Highly Competitive Industry


When Abraham Adegeye realized his hobby had turned into his profession, he wasn’t the only one in the industry. Why it’s still worth following your dreams and not letting competition irritate you.

Abraham is a man who’s career began after a hobby turned serious. From school child age he began uploading photos of his outfits online. He enjoyed modelling his styles snd sharing with others. But after a while he was creating content deemed at a professional level and it was then that Abraham Adegeye has managed to turn his passion into a viable career. 

In the beginning, when he first started sharing photos of his outfits, he surely was not thinking of it from a career perspective. But he liked the idea of inspiring others with his content and that is something that remains strong within his personality.

The chances to work with some big names have been coming in for Abraham. From Zalando (a Berlin-based/European online store), where he has a creator profile on their website allowing visitors to buy his outfits, to Nike, Timberland, Umbro, G-star, Coca- Cola, Sprite, Diesel and H&M in the role of ambassador. He has also produced campaigns with About You, Fossil, Vans, Converse, Pacsun, Calvin Klein and Gant. Last year Abraham participated in a major campaign for Sprite that explored the topics of cyberbullying and diversity. This was a campaign that featured on TV and as an app which was placed on thousands of YouTube videos. Upon release, this campaign received plenty of local and national press coverage.

Thinking of the future, Abraham wants to work more in the high fashion market,, and perhaps work with stylists. Modelling remains the key element that he wishes to further. He enjoys the campaigns he has modelled for already and looks forward to many more! Whilst doing all of this he still wants to share to his blog and social media post that gave him his big break.. 

Abraham is interested in exploring other areas of media in greater detail, including more magazine appearances. He would consider TV and thinks it is an interesting place for the modelling world to feature and is open to commercials or another form of production. The idea of reality TV has struck him but it is not something he could envision taking part in at the moment.  

In an industry that has lots of competition, Abraham is all about keeping unique, wanting to stay up to date with his output but remain true to himself. He has business plan ideas that have been considered,has been brainstorming some ideas, but for Abraham selling doesn’t come first, inspiring others with his position as fashion influencer does