Don’t Be Afraid To Be Bold – Steven Franz Knows Best

While self-presentation has taken over the everyday life of so many, its forms seem to become more and more conformist, aesthetics are taking over content and the initial idea is gone. Steven Franz likes to stand out.

The world is running down into chaos as people are taking inspiration from the wrong sources. Copying trends and style was fair, but the digital expansion has brought us a wide range of content. At first, we received original content across different media, including YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. However, over time, people started to follow and copy the viral sensations. As a result? We received a lot of similar content with different faces.

Introducing – Steven Franz! 

In the light of these events, there’s one peculiar personality that stands out. Steven Franz, a young influencer from Texas who has set his eyes on traveling around the world. His goal? It’s to inspire people to be themselves. Through the power of social media, he aims to connect with millions of people around the globe and motivate them to follow their hearts. He plans to implement the fitness genre and collaborate with other influencers or content creators to bring you a wide range of content.

Breaking the habit through individualism!

You might wonder: ‘How’s that different?’ Well, Steven isn’t bringing you the same old content with repeating information. He is showing you a glimpse of his life and the experiences he gets. More importantly, he is going out of his way to interact with people, and that’s what makes him different. When you see a prankster pulling pranks on people, you don’t see them radiating charm. More importantly, they won’t interact or even turn rude, but that’s not what Steven does. He makes sure that the pranks are harmless enough for the other person while showing compassion.

Furthermore, when he interviews people, you can see him trying to understand a person. He makes them feel like they are getting heard. He isn’t just another public interviewer who waits for the answer and moves on. These subtle gestures combine to make a significant impact on the content. 

“I have always been big on being yourself and not being afraid of what others think. You can’t be afraid to stand out and take advantage when you see an opportunity.”

Those are the words of Steven Franz. Once, he worked for the federal government with an array of brilliant achievements, like the youngest 100 miles Ultramarathon runner in Texas and youngest Ironman in California. Now he is living his life to the fullest, traveling the world, and bringing us a wide range of content by exploring his creativity.  If there’s something new influencer or content creators could learn from Steven Franz, it’s to own your personality, your quirks and use them to your advantage.

Be yourself and stand out! That’ll undoubtedly bring you positive results in any field.