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Christopher Senekki – the Guy Who Linked Fashion and Men’s Mental Health

In Christopher Senekki’s eyes, there is far more that needs to be done when it comes to developing mental health, especially for men.

Tremendous number of people suffer from mental health issues daily, most of which are men. Some of the most common mental health disorders include depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. There is a rise in suicide rates around the world, and statistics have shown men to be on the higher end of developing mental health disorders, and eventually committing suicide. Christopher Senekki believes poor self-perception, and the unending stress men go through to meet up, to be one of the major causes.

Christopher explains why dismantling the “alpha” male stereotype is crucial to the modern man’s psyche. The “alpha” male image remains a core component of how men are classified and conduct themselves in modern society. It suggests that men need to be uncompromising in how they lead and communicate with others. Consensus and compromise are often falsely termed as weak traits, unworthy of masculine status. And for many years, these qualities were symbolic to men’s fashion.

In Christopher’s eyes, such view need to change. And this is the core goal of Christopher’s work.

Christopher Senekki has been commentating and working in the men’s fashion scene for over 20 years. He is a well known critic and voice within the modern world of men’s fashion. Christopher has a long standing affinity and connection with contemporary male fashion, his view of such styles demonstrably changed after he encountered his own personal struggles. By learning from his own struggles, and realizing that many men across the world also battle with issues related to mental health due to how they perceive themselves, Christopher Senekki wants to use his voice to raise awareness about men’s mental health and the role self-perception plays in helping men cope better with stress, anxiety and depression.

Christopher highlights that it is complacency which has led men’s mental health issues to escalate to the levels of being witnessed today and now is the time to change that.

Christopher Senekki is inspiring men to enjoy a gentleman’s confidence through street style fashion. He strongly believes one of the way that men can improve their confidence is through their everyday streetwear. Christopher gives outfit inspirations and free advice through his Instagram page we style the street. With over 100,000 followers and counting, we style the street allows Christopher’s personal taste in gentleman’s street style.

Christopher Senekki is using his fashion as a medium in boosting men’s confidence in themselves and in turn helping tackle issues related to mental health that plague men. Christopher runs a monthly challenge on we style the street where his followers get to create their own outfits inspired by a photo layout. In this way, Christopher Senekki is creating a community around positive self-expression through street wear for men, and we can’t wait to see what he’ll do next.

To follow his journey, head over to his Instagram @s__christopher