Bering Seafood
Bering Seafood

Andrey Germash presented products for the production of sea delicacies “Bering Seafood” at the Boston Exhibition

The largest specialized exhibition of the fishing and fish processing industry – Seafood Expo North America / Seafood Processing North America, which traditionally takes place in Boston, is well known to all the leading players in the global fish market. The best suppliers from all over the world showcase their products here. Buyers include retailers, restaurants, well-known catering chains, and processors. Including recognized professionals in their field: St. James Smokehouse Inc., Superior Lobster, Alfa Gamma Seafood Group, and others.

Bering Seafood,” a new manufacturer of sea delicacies made from natural red caviar and “Vostochny Bereg” Pacific salmon, debuted at the Boston Show. Andrey Germash, a well-known businessman, founder, and permanent head of the “Vostochny Bereg” company, the leader in the fishing and fish processing industry in Kamchatka, personally took part in the presentation of new products. Tremendous personal experience, entrepreneurial flair, and a well-chosen business strategy helped Andrey Germash turn a small fishing company into the largest producer of frozen fish of all types in the Far East and red granular caviar.

The company “Vostochny Bereg” has a rich experience of participating in specialized exhibitions, where its products have repeatedly received various prizes and awards. Today, red caviar and wild natural salmon top the lists of popular superfoods – food products containing a rich set of vitamins and minerals that prolong youth, increase immunity, and reduce the risk of many diseases. For Andrey Germash, as a socially responsible businessman, his products must be tasty, healthy, and environmentally friendly. The nature of Kamchatka helps the businessman in this – the company is engaged in salmon fishing on the Eastern coast of the peninsula in the clear waters of the Bering Sea. Less than 4 hours pass from catching fish to getting the finished product. Unique production technologies and innovative packaging help preserve the taste and functional properties of local fish and caviar without using preservatives and flavors. High-tech equipment of the enterprise and professional skills of the staff ensure uninterrupted operation of the production complex during the high season – from June to October. Today, at the initiative of a businessman, a set of measures is being taken at the plant to ensure that “Vostochny Bereg” products comply with all the signs of kosher. Delicious and healthy sea delicacies from Kamchatka will be appreciated by 8 million Jews living in the United States and adhering to the rules of kashrut.

Andrey Germash is often compared in professional circles for his business acumen with the Kamchatka bear, a symbol of his native land. Power, strength, and intelligence allowed the businessman to establish the production of high-quality products and to create an incredible client card in terms of its geography. Now, Andrey Germash will transfer his many years of experience and accumulated knowledge to Bering Seafood so that healthy sea delicacies made from Pacific salmon and red caviar will delight the inhabitants of the American continent. The success at the Boston show showed that this would be the case – more than 70 companies were interested in collaborating with “Bering Seafood”. Among them were representatives of large retail chains, restaurants, and markets.