An Ace On & Off The Field – Landon Bonneville Is Pitching His Future


At only 17 years of age, the pro baseball prospect has already secured assets beside his career as an athlete. The ever so curious and motivated pitcher knows exactly where he’s going.

What were you doing at 17? Hanging out with your high school friends? Thinking about the next party? Figuring out what you want to study or do with your life in general? Whatever it is, we’re pretty sure Landon Bonneville is a few steps ahead of your 17- year-old self.

Breaking with a lot of prejudices against young athletes, the highly motivated American talent is on the verge to break into a professional baseball career.
With 3 x Team-USA appearances under his belt already, he is currently shining as a catcher and right handed pitcher for Western Branch Thunder.

His bright outlook on the future has already attracted hundreds of sponsors, including major brands such as Body Armour. Knowing the importance of media tools in his generation, he frequently entertains over a million followers across his social media channels.

Bonneville, who has modelled his game after his MLB role model Trevor Bauer, is without doubt that he is going to play a World Series game one day.

Landon Bonneville has already made three team-USA appearances.

And who’s behind the athlete?

Landon Bonneville is not the type of young man to rely on his athletic abilities solely, and is already securing other avenues besides the sports.
His passion for music has found himself studying sound engineering, and Bonneville even made a shadow appearance learning from Bastille’s sound engineer during their live shows. Working behind the studio switches in the music industry is definitely something the athlete sees himself doing too one day, and it will be interesting to see how he combines it with his baseball career.

Bonneville, who says he is putting it all in to ‘pay back his parents everything that they invested in him’, speaks highly of successors such as Gary Vee and former New York Mets third baseman David Wright.
Wright, who he customized shoes for, as well as for Michael Cuddyer.

You might see, Landon Bonneville is not your everyday pro-baseball prospect. He’s much more an already guaranteed success story, regardless where he ends up in his career. Or in his favourite Gary Vee quote “You only miss the chances you don’t take.”.

We have to say though, seeing this young man in our MLB in the next years would be a delight – what team wouldn’t benefit from a young man’s energy like that?