Yair Dabush

Yair Dabush on Learning Negotiation Skills Through Video Games

Gaming has taken the world by storm and it is currently the highest-grossing industry in the world. Hundreds of millions of people also spend their time watching creators play video games on websites like YouTube and streaming platform Twitch. 

In fact, in 2018, gaming videos on Youtube were viewed for 50 billion hours and the projection is that it’s almost double the amount in 2020.

Apart from the enjoyment of playing a variety of video games, gaming can also teach you things that will help you down the road. The main topic people are discussing is how video games helped improve their English and socializing skills. We’re here to talk about video games and their effect on negotiation skills, and business. 

The Nature of The Game

MMORPGs (online role-playing multiplayer games) are games that allow millions of gamers to play simultaneously in a virtual world. These games involve everything party quests, leveling, socializing, and a marketplace.

In MMORPGs, Dabush states it’s important to have strong equipment as you level up. And in order to get it, you will need in-game money, which will be used to purchase that equipment from other players. If you want to acquire equipment at a good price, you will need great negotiation skills that you will develop over time.

Making of A Game Changer

Yair Dabush, a successful gaming Youtuber in Israel, an entrepreneur, and a player of MapleStory shared how his negotiation skills developed thanks to the game. 

– I started playing MapleStory when I was 11 years old, not knowing English with a dream to become a businessman. In a short time of playing, I fell in love with the in-game marketplace. An area where players come to buy and sell equipment, whether it’s through a store they made there or personal trade. It started when I had little to no in-game money, and managed to score a good item for very cheap. After that, I didn’t care about any aspect of the game, other than buying stuff for cheap and selling for profit. With time, my English improved, and I also learned how to approach people and how to convince them that the item they are holding isn’t worth much. Then, taking the item to my store to sell it for a great ROI. I love this game because of how it can help a variety of aspects of life that will serve you in the real world, Dabush states.

Dabush has gained his experience from the game MapleStory but states that any MMORPG will serve its purpose, due to the nature of the game.

Although gaming can be very effective in developing your negotiation skills, I don’t recommend playing games only for the sole purpose of developing that skill. You have to enjoy the game itself to be able to play it for hundreds of hours. 

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