Michael Greene is back in the studio, ready to put Persia Grai back in the hot mix.

When The Music Stops – There’s Always Another Detroit Prodigy


Persia Grai always had something special about himself. Just that stride and hunger of a young and open minded, playful artists, with the understanding of a human behind the public figure that has matured very early in life. 

Michael Greene was born in Detroit in 1996, a glorious time for rap. When his hometown legend Eminem released what was arguably his masterpiece in 2002, the young boy who would later become the artist Persia Grai had already been in touch with hip-hop for a couple years and already formed his vision of becoming a rapper himself one day.

Years later Greene would step up to the microphone for the first time himself, surrounded by a tight group of friends following one shared dream.

In 2009, he lost his producers amongst other close friends in a tragic car accident caused by a drunk driver.

His life would never be the same again and what was a passion would become his obsession. 

Only few years later we’d hear him on the biggest radio stations in the city, open festival stages for Big Sean, Travis Porter and other local heroes. 

He then went on to release several singles, of which some went viral overnight, others proved their quality over time.

What we’re waiting for now, is the return of an artist, that has so much to tell, so much left unsaid, that we want to hear from himself.

Only few have such a heartfelt and unique background to their career, one that touched and changed both his personal life as well as his professional one.
With and artist that is blessed with all the assets of a top level lyricist, we are keen to hear more about it.

Persia Green has earned his stripes delivering strong live performances.

Whether he will return with another single track, or we will finally see him complete a full body of work, we are ready.

And even though he’s kept things particularly quiet around himself on his social media channels, there are strong rumours circulating that he has been very busy in the studio lately.

After reports that Persia Grai is looking to drop a Latin project, the partly Puerto Rican seems to be working on multiple projects at the moment.

With more than just an American crowd to please, the bilingual talent has all the aces up his sleeves. 

Is he going to take it all to another level? He definitely has all it takes to do so.

With hundreds of thousands of plays and streams, his music is still high in demand. 

So let’s hear what Persia Grai sounds like in 2020.