Anthony Nuara

What Helped Anthony Nuara Achieve Millions from Knocking on Doors


Over the huge array of success stories, we hear on the internet, the key characteristics of achieving it seem to change depending on who you ask. 

Today we will take a look at Anthony Nuara’s opinion on the matter and also why he’s qualified to give it in the first place. But trust me he is! 

Business Ventures 

Anthony started his career at the age of 25 with only $1000 in his pocket. He took a huge risk venturing out into the unknown world of door-to-door sales. 

He has now branched out and runs several 8-9 figure businesses. These include his solar company “Freedom Power Solutions”. Anthony is also the founder of “Freedom Investing” a growing network building contacts for like-minded people wanting to succeed. 

Additionally, he owns “Freedom Water Solutions”. The company aims to purify water supplies around the world.  

So now we know his credentials, let’s find out what he thinks the key characteristics to success are… 

What Are Anthony’s Top 3 Core Life Values? 

1)    Freedom – Anthony has always valued financial freedom and it’s clear to see why. Not having to worry or be forced to do something to pay the next bill should be a goal everyone tries to achieve. This means you have the time to explore the things that really make you happy in your day-to-day life. Through “Freedom Investing” he hopes to achieve this level of freedom for his clients too. 

2)   Peace – This one is interesting and up for interpretation. There is an aspect of peace that is achieved when financially free. Knowing that money isn’t an issue certainly take a load off your shoulders. But when you start with nothing there is merit to being at peace with the risks you make and the paths you choose to go down. 

3) Growth – Here is a quote from the mam himself. “You’re either growing or dying. nothing in life stays stagnant. i always want to be in the process of growing.”  

This is common in many successful ambitious people. They keep expanding their knowledge and striving to achieve bigger goals. 

So, what would you say is the key to your motivation? 

“You’re either growing or dying. Nothing in life stays stagnant. I always want to be in the process of growing.” 


There are common traits that occur when asking successful people what they feel is important in life and what they value the most. One example that Anthony mentioned is Growth. This seems to be really common when examining other success stories. They are never stagnant. Always looking to move forward and push further. 

Anthony Nuara has utilized this trait more than most as we watch him branch out into other areas. We already know he already has a wide variety of ventures from water purification to Investing. We can only wonder where his core values will take him next. But whatever that may be, I’m sure he will be successful. 

You can watch his journey unfold and follow his social media accounts via the links below: 


Instagram @nuara.freedom