Joey Luxx follows up on his debut album with new single 20/20.

South Jersey Talent Joey Luxx Is Back With A Brand New Single


Right after his debut album ‘Space Tape, Vol. 1’ put him into this year’s hot mix, the South Jersey rapper returns with a brand new single. ’20/20’ is our song of the week.

It’s been an eventful year for Malcolm Parrish aka Joey Luxx. The next up from Atlantic coast state started 2020 with his single ‘Solar’ and followed up with his anticipated album ‘Space Tape’. The long player would launch him right into the hot mix of the year, with his first LP being warmly welcomed by his fans as well as the industry.

Luxx, who decided to fully dedicate himself to music last year, now makes sure to follow up with his brand new single ’20/20’. The strong track definitely sounds better than the year has looked so far and fits in perfectly into his discograpthy. 

Whereas the artist was still finding his own sound on his debut EP in 2019, it seems that this year has not only brought his first whole body of work but also his very own sound and creative comfort zone. 

20/20 could also have been a single of this year’s album, although we can hear he’s already one step further once again. 

The year is definitely not over yet for Joey Luxx.

It’s great to see a young artist constantly developing and improving, getting more and more confident and comfortable with his melodies, sounds and words.

Malcolm Parrish was on his best way to become a professional athlete, but basketball had to make way for his biggest passion – music. 

Although he only put his foot in the industry in the last couple of years, he is no stranger to it – 2 of his 3 brothers are successful rappers themselves and both ‘Meech’ and ‘Aye’ have helped and supported Joey on his path to find his own sound.

He describes both Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa as strong influences when it comes to his verses and writing craft, although he think his melodic approach is probably closer to today’s superstar Post Malone or PnB Rock. 

Joey Luxx is humble but confident, especially still having the wind of his album behind him, he is carrying on the exact energy you would have hoped for on the new single.

Whether he is just dropping some single tracks at the moment or these are already the forecasts of his next big project, we shall see.