Roderick Harvey

Roderick Harvey’s Graffiti Line and The Starstruck Collection Take the Fashion World by Storm

The fashion industry has a way of keeping fashion lovers and enthusiasts on their toes, thanks to the numerous creative individuals, designers and stylists who never fail to deliver new fashion trends from time to time. Fashion has become art, and many people have found their place in expressing their creativity through the craft. Roderick Harvey is one of those channeling their inner creative parts toward fashion with the goal of connecting with millions of people in the world and introducing to them a breath of fresh air. In his latest Starstruck collection, he goes all out to create memorable pieces that fashion enthusiasts can never get enough of.

In his recently-released streetwear brand, Roderick Harvey attempts to showcase stunning designs that are light years into the future yet giving the fashion industry something that suits today’s world perfectly. Within a short time, Roderick has managed to win hearts, with celebrities seen wearing pieces from the collection, giving it more traction and credibility.

The Starstruck Collection features trendy and comfortable tailor-made tracksuits perfect for anyone who loves to make a statement with their style. The tracksuits are functional, fashionable, and appeal to a wide range of consumers. With something for everyone, the collection is packed full of rich designs and colors to choose from.

Roderick Harvey created the Starstruck Collection with everyone in mind. He understands the strong impact of pop culture on people perfectly, especially when being championed by Hip-hop artists, athletes and fashion enthusiasts. With this in mind, he created something everyone loves, enabling the organic traction that the collection is enjoying presently. His understanding of the fashion business, combined with his hard work, passion, and relentless fire, have helped him etch his name in the industry.

While he draws inspiration and motivation from his family, Roderick Harvey’s success is deeply rooted in 13 years of non-stop grinding. He has put in the work to perfect his craft and has finally gotten to the point where the only way to go is up. “I started off by making custom suits. People called me the tailor to the stars,” he revealed. “Getting to the point today is all thanks to God and great work ethics. Hard work really does pay off. My father taught me the importance of hard work at an early age, and I knew I had to toe the path to greatness by working hard,” the emerging fashion mogul added.

Despite his recent success, Roderick Harvey has set his sights on new endeavors and has unveiled his new fashion line, Graffiti Line. He believes that possessing his own brand gives him the leverage to do more in the world. Proceeds from the project have been earmarked to help young boys and girls in his community and other philanthropic projects. Not forgetting his roots is one of Roderick Harvey’s core principles, and he hopes to continue to help the children who remind him of his story by creating an enabling environment to thrive and succeed.