Pauly Long exchanges fears for dreams.

Pauly Long’s MineSet About To Launch An App That Is Going To Change People’s Lives

The motivation and marketing guru is about to launch his business’s app at the beginning of next year – making sure his thousands of followers are going to be able to access the popular MineSet services on their phones.

From events and stages, to zoom calls, to Instagram and Youtube, to the own company app – there are so many platforms to provide on. Pauly Long knows, that each of them counts. 

He’s a master of marketing and getting his business out there, a business that his clients appreciate so much for the helpful and often life changing effect its product have.

Long started MineSet at the beginning of the year, after realizing how many people around him were actually constantly appreciative of his advice and blooming after spending time with him.

The feedback that he received inspired him to discover his real purpose and start his business, including the Shift program that approaches all fields in life.

Now the clients will receive another option to enjoy the services and communicate with Pauly Long and his team. MineSet turn their face to a whole new group of clients. Especially younger clients will appreciate the opportunity to access exclusive daily tips and on demand advice on their phones.

A target group that he naturally approaches on the daily anyway – Pauly Long is incredibly popular on social media and constantly posts new content on his stories – including free tips and social media advice. Anyone can just get in touch with him and despite the high demand, be sure to receive a personal service. 

It will be interesting to see how exactly the services of MineSet are going to expand and if Pauly Long will continue to grow his community. We’re sure we’re just a few stories away from finding out!