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Music producer Liam Dineen: Be humble and willing to learn

While he has achieved much success in his career so far, Liam Dineen also hopes to inspire others to achieve. We hear about the crucial advice he has for young entrepreneurs and anybody aiming to emerge in the industry.

Huge following

The music industry is filled with an abundance of talent, as well as many who are trying to break through and make their mark.

There is certainly no shortage of music available for listeners.

Many in the industry have a reliance on record labels as they aim to get their music out and recognised by people.

But the story is different for 33-year-old music producer Liam Dineen, from Birmingham in the UK, who can release music independently thanks to his gigantic following on social media.

He is worlds apart from much of his competition when it comes to social media and he can now release music independently due to his following.

Over the years he has accumulated more than 8.5 million followers and they support him in everything that he does.

He will never take the support from his followers for granted and is determined to continue giving them the content that they desire.

Creative talent

He started in the music business around 2004. He played the drums in a backing band for two rap groups in Birmingham. They went onto record a few singles and appeared in a few local TV broadcasts.

He is mostly known for his mellow approach to music, as well as his melodic style of piano playing.

However, Liam also has much more in his locker when it comes to his talents.

Not only does he play the drums and the piano. He can also replicate any sound via plugins/VSTs so he is able to produce a full song on his own, while making it sound like a live band have been in to record it.

Liam’s future goals are to release an album independently by the end of 2021.

The creative individual is also hoping to have a few big artists feature on the album, however, he will be keeping the features a closely guarded secret for the time being.

With Liam’s dedication to his upcoming piece of work, as well as the potential big names that he could be teaming up with, it is sure to be an excellent project.

Stay humble

Liam also has crucial advice for young entrepreneurs or anybody who wants to emerge in the industry.

He urges them to be humble and be willing to learn. With anything, it is fast changing so you have to keep up with the times so the best thing you can do is listen, ask for help when needed and take people’s advice.

As he sets his sights on the future, in ten years he sees himself hopefully still doing what he enjoys.

However, Liam’s ultimate dream would be to retire in the next decade. For many, that would seem an impossible task. But for Liam, with his talent, hard work and dedication anything truly is possible.

He is vowing to continue working tirelessly to provide for his loved ones, while also doing everything in his power to give his followers the content that they want.

Liam also has a powerful message that he would tell his 10-year-old self right now if he had the opportunity to do so.

He would highlight the importance of following your dreams in whatever it is that you want to do, along with stating 9 to 5 jobs are not for everyone so go and find something you are good at and then work, work, work until you are the best at it.

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