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Monica Landén from @WithRoxy Shares What You Must Know Before Getting a Dog!

For countless years, dogs have been known to bring joy to many people’s lives. After all, they didn’t get the title, “a man’s best friend” out of the blue.

According to travel and fashion influencer Monica Landén, the day she and her boyfriend, Gabriel M Padilla, got Roxy as a puppy 3 years ago is the happiest day of her life. Roxy is a gorgeous Husky-German Shepherd mix. Monica and Roxy have been inseparable ever since.

Amassing over 250,000 followers across their social media presence, one could say that they have quite an audience interested in their journey and lifestyle! Although their photos look aesthetically pleasing, Monica shares that even Roxy wasn’t a perfect puppy. When she was new to the couple’s home, Roxy had countless accidents all over the apartment, but that’s just part of the experience of owning a dog, and Monica undoubtedly loves her no less for it.

Puppies are adorable, but owning one is a huge responsibility, hence, Monica shares what every potential dog owner needs to know to better prepare before diving right into it.

5 Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Dog

  1. Time

Raising a dog can take plenty of time out of your day. Planning ahead is essential. Monica Landén got Roxy with her boyfriend, Gabriel M Padilla, 3 years ago. Together, the travel influencer couple knew that it was going to be a huge responsibility. Because Roxy is half-husky, she is naturally a pack animal and gets anxious when left alone. So, it was only natural for their Instagram @WithRoxy to be filled with beautiful content on Monica and Roxy’s adventures together, since they were always spending time with each other. Overall, owning a dog is a commitment that should not be taken lightly.

  1. Puppy Training

Puppy training requires a whole lot of patience and understanding. Although accidents can happen around the house, your puppy, just like Roxy, can and will grow out of it with the proper training. Monica suggests that it’s important to keep items that may hurt your puppy out of reach. Similar to baby proofing, a puppy can get very curious and would love to explore the entire household, except that they can only use their mouths! So it’s best to keep any houseplants or sharp objects that might harm your puppy well out of reach.

  1. Dog Breed

Researching the dog breed that you are interested in is important since various dog breeds have different sets of requirements and temperaments. When it comes to snow-dog breeds, the weather is an important factor to consider. Since Roxy is a Husky-German Shepherd mix, Monica makes sure she takes Roxy out during the coolest part of the day to avoid any potential heat exhaustion and allow Roxy to exercise as much as she would like to in comfort. Understanding the dog breed that aligns most with your lifestyle can help you identify the best nutrition they need to optimize their health, the amount of adequate exercise, and any behavioral tendencies to help train them accordingly.

  1. Exercise

From browsing their Instagram @WithRoxy, anyone can see how much Monica and Roxy enjoy the outdoors! Apart from the usual morning pets and belly rubs, part of their morning routine is to go for a quick walk before breakfast. Monica also makes sure that Roxy gets another form of exercise or two later in the day – whether it’s a long walk in the forest or playtime in the dog park with her friends. If you plan to own a larger dog breed like Roxy, Monica suggests that they’ll be active and require plenty of exercise that you need to be ready for.

  1. Family

Whether you plan to own a dog for increased security in your household, or for emotional support, they definitely become an integral part of your life. Monica and Gabriel have welcomed Roxy into their lives as a significant family member. According to Monica, it’s important to treat your dog well and make sure they are loved and you’ll receive so much more love in return! They bring so much joy to a household, so it’s key that they are well taken care of.

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