Orel Shitrit

MMA Fighter Turned Entrepreneur: Orel Shitrit’s Story To Glory

In today’s society, many confuse the MMA fighter lifestyle with a troubled childhood and a dark future on the edge of normal society.

Although this side of the picture mainly is painted for the movies, such as Warrior, starring Tom Hardy. We’ve met with a real-world example who went through the challenges of making it to the executives’ table while coming from a troubled childhood himself.

At only 22, Shitrit has transformed from a title-winning ruthless fighter to one of the most successful social media experts and serial entrepreneurs.

How did the switch from MMA happen?

– I injured my leg during the Israeli National Championships in Muay Thai. The injury was pretty bad, and while I was recovering, I spent a lot of time on social media. The concept of social media was what fascinated me, rather than the content people post on it. I spent my time in recovery learning the ins and outs of social media marketing.

Time well spent, according to experts –
With social media marketing on the rise, there’s always a demand for social media marketers. Those who put the time and effort into learning the technical aspects of social media are the ones who are bound to be successful, TopHustler’s marketing expert states.

From hobby to real life reality

Shitrit founded his own agency in 2019; Noble Media & Partners. With Shitrit’s extensive technical knowledge and experience working in social media and marketing, the venture was already off to a great start. Starting off strong, with almost 95,000 followers Instagram – the reach and notability shouldn’t be the determining factor.

Noble Media & Partners quickly established themselves as experts in the field, and to no surprise, wiped the floor rather quickly. The agency’s inception didn’t go unnoticed. When the pandemic hit, Shitrit was at the top of the contact list for many influencers looking for advice and help getting through these challenging times.

Waking up with a winners mentality

Some people plan their life on a day by day basis, while others like to put down strategic plans to meet a future goal. Shitrit’s view on life has been what’s set him apart from the competition.

– I didn’t let my injury affect my aspirations and goals. Spending time doing nothing is not really my style, Shitrit states.

Orel’s dedication to the hustle and willingness to go the extra mile to reach the desired point of success is truly what makes him a Top Hustler. Taking your hobby to the next level, and making a profit on it isn’t easy. But doing so against all odds is even more extraordinary.

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