vinnovations vincent zampelli
vinnovations vincent zampelli

Meet Vincent Zampelli Whose Marketing Agency Has Set Itself Apart From Competition


VINNOVATIONS MEDIA Inc is only 1 year old but this time span was sufficient to become an eminent player in the Digital Marketing industry.

Founded and established in Tequesta, Florida by online entrepreneur Vincent Zampelli in March 2019, VINNOVATIONS MEDIA Inc and its sister company 24H SOCIAL have become prominent leaders in a crowded and competitive field such as online marketing.

In few months the company acquired numerous contracts from premiere businesses to run and scale their lead generation and customer acquisition campaigns, yielding way above average performances and results.

This constituted the core and foundation of the company and allowed Vincent to spin-off launching a new department exclusively focused on Social Media. 24H SOCIAL rapidly became the leader in Social Media Content Creation, Branding Identity and Growth, with over 150 clients amassed in just 3 months.

There is no doubt that Vinnovations Media and 24H Social will keep distinguishing themselves as leaders in this space.

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