Meet the Super Successful Sisters, Pinar and Songul Who Are Taking the Beauty Industry By a Storm from their London Salon

Sisters Pinar and Songul share dreams of becoming international entrepreneurs. After work in the world of corporate business, the two are honing their craft to their own company: Magni Skin. We hear all about their impressive journey so far.

Beauty company founders, influencer’s, and celeb’s favourite beauty treatment specialists, graced us with all the info about their journey to success in the beauty industry and of course we had to share it all with you in this article. Keep scrolling to see how two super successful sisters first got their start in beauty. There’s a lot of wisdom ahead, so we recommend settling in. We promise it’s worth it.

Pure passion together with a special biological connection are behind MagniSkin the beauty company run by Pinar and Songul. These two are the innovators of the revolutionary Magni Lipo device and the exclusive Magni Beauty Academy. You can visit their London salon to receive uniquely tailored and popular treatments such as EmSculpt, magnificent Facials or even a non surgical Brazilian Booty Lift! All are performed with equal love and dedication which is something Pinar and Songul are most proud to deliver since the beginning of their journey.        

Success has clearly come for them as a by-product of their hard work, determination, and simply loving what they do. It’s no surprise that when we asked about what they do for downtime their response was that their lives ultimately revolve around Magni Skin. If they are not in the salon they are marketing and producing content to maintain their strong social presence across their social media profiles.  But aside from work, they do enjoy going out for dinner and spending time with loved ones.

This go-getter duo loves having cold showers in the morning! Naturally, you would be curious to know what the morning routine of the founders of a beauty company would be like, so of course we have the info to share with you. You will not be disappointed with their skincare routine which consists of prepping their skin with cleanser, toner, SPF before applying their makeup and styling their hair with their go-to hair styler, the dyson air wrap. 

Typically their clients will start arriving at the salon from 10am and they’ll work through till 8pm They take small 15 minute breaks throughout the day. Staying hydrated is a must so that’s what they mostly ensure to do during these breaks, alongside creating content and editing videos for social media. At the end of the working day, they relax with a meal as a family and they spend time pampering their skin with face masks, drinking herbal teas and eating fresh fruits. And you guessed it, these powerhouse house wonder women sleep early, preferably before 10pm! At least you know they practice what they preach, getting adequate sleep is good for our body, mind, and aids in certifying we are prepared for the new day ahead.

Did you enjoy getting to know more about Pinar and Songul, the remarkable founders of MagniSkin? We hope we delivered on our promise and now you’re feeling inspired to pursue the things you love with the confidence that you can turn them into a profitable and successful business for yourself. Learn more about MagniSkin over on their IG page