WrestlingTravel is one of the success stories Ross Alcock is associated with.

Meet The Man Who Takes A Vision And Turns It Into A Game Plan


Ross Alcock is his clients’ key to their taget group. The social media mastermind has played a significant role in numerous success stories.

As the head of marketing for the Invasion Camp Group Alcock established his name alongside successor Lee McAteer. By taking responsibility to connect and grow key target groups through social media, he played a pivotal role in the creation and growth of a number of now prestigious organizations. His vision and expertise turns companies that cater niche audiences and scenes into mainstream brands. And he does so in impressive style. WrestlingTravel, who bring European fans of the sports to the major US-American events, are just one of his major success stories.

Besides his talent to see the bigger picture, it takes creativity and a little bit of boldness – during his time working for the Invasion Group, Alcock also gained global attention alongside McAteer for turning the Group’s office into the world’s largest adult ball pit, with over 200 million views all over the world. 

Now, the time has come for Ross Alcock to launch his own media agency. Ducking Media specializes in helping blue chip organizations and sports teams gain substantial traction in the key demographic (18-30) through social media. The pioneer and mastermind of social media knows exactly how to address every target group in their individual language. The result are clients that are finally finding major access to their key audience. His creativity and contemporary, even visionary approach leaves no space for self-limitation and has gained him a name way beyond the borders of the UK and the European sports industry. 

Anything else?

In the contemporary social media marketing world, you might expect the young Brit to be making an equal show of his own social media channels. Instead, Ross Alcock rather shares what he genuinely enjoys in life. His strong passion for travelling and fishing is well documented on his social media channel. It’s the simple things that keep us humble.

Ross Alcock has every reason to be confident and excited about the launch of Ducking Media, taking his success story to the next chapter.