Meet Sigurd Vedal – a Man Coaching Life and Dating to Others

It has not been this long since only back in November 2018 did this exceptional Norwegian born entrepreneur has gone public. Well since then as a proof of his meteoric rise he gained 100 thousand followers on instagram already.

But why and what exactly has made this man so popular? Well the founder of Digisec Media and his Marriage Boosters and Life Coach brands Sigurd has seen a credible degree of success.

Starting out originally on his overall work path as the music and visuals industry man he now coaches dating and life.

Just like so many other instances in life this whole trajectory had been sparked by his parents. Born in Norway they moved to Chicago back in 1970s and as his father delved into the local jazz scene Sigurd followed arts. Among his enriching life experiences was also living in Africa and serving in the Norwegian military and founding a failed sound studio before he actually hit his stride.

“I soon earned a job from a referral by my cousin to produce sound at NRJ as a program director with its French owners. It was at that moment that I discovered my ability to create multi-language strategy proposals due to my background working with morning shows, content, and angling things for consumers for radio”

So successful there up to working with Pixar and NRG radio stations among others he seemingly flourished. But it was exactly his father’s departure that actually led Sigurd to see if his arts business with Pixar and others was what he was looking for. 

A long trip to Egypt for solitude and a divorce later helped him realize it was all his experience he can use as a business. All the while helping people date and work happily as he launched a few successful dating websites.

“A few years later, I sold that company for 54 million Euros,” Vedal says. “I recently had launched an online casino, started a social media agency under my name, and hired others to run those companies allowing me to focus on more passionate projects.”

A few years forward and now he puts all of his life experience into actually making others happy. His extensive life coaching following proves to be popular.

“Many people view life coaching and other self-help programs as ‘useless’ or ‘get rich quick’ schemes. In reality, they ‘cure themselves’ and my role is to help them execute a plan by assigning tasks,” he says. His trajectory as a life coach has inspired many others and accommodated them in conquering their fears, focusing on being positive and overcoming inhibitions and internal grief. “I coach people about what it takes to be a positive, successful human being,” Coach Sigurd Vedal says. “In other words, think about what you appreciate such as ‘I’m alive!’, ‘I’m not sick!’, and ‘I am Fortunate…I view people through primarily three prisms: the ‘Critic,’ the ‘Talker,’ and the ‘Do-er.’

So what is Sigurd planning to do with his life now? 

“I want to create an impact on people’s lives,” Vedal says. “Are people happy or not happy? The answer is always related to work or relationships.”