Maroon Bell Outdoor

Maroon Bell Outdoor Redefines the outdoors under the leadership of visionary Jeremy Dougherty

Over the last 30 years major corporations have done a nearly perfect job of telling consumers what it means to be outdoors. While this depiction was exciting, flashy and adventurous it was and is unreasonable for the masses. Most of us live and work in the city and have to do that for the majority of our lives. Maroon Bell Outdoor is working hard to reframe what it means to be outside. 

Jeremy Dougherty, the founder is a 4th generation Coloradan and during a 7 year stint on the east coast he realized that the outdoors was everywhere. It was in the middle of a city, or a suburb as much as it was on top of a mountain. Maroon Bell Outdoor is pushing this concept through its core set of unique, high quality products. Jereemy says “Everyone’s mountain looks different. Everyone’s relationship with the outdoors is fluid. With our designs, we are striving to meet consumers where they are in their lives. Where they are outdoors”. 

Founder and CEO Jeremy has been more than pleased with the grassroots growth of the enterprise, which is founded on the idea that the city and the outdoors are inextricably linked, and Denver is a good example. What matters is that individuals feel connected to one another, and Maroon Bell Outdoor nurtures that connection through its impressive designs. 

The outdoor fashion brand collaborates with as many United States-based firms as possible but is especially happy to produce with suppliers from developing nations. Some purchasers have expressed concerns about this, but Jeremy feels that it is a way for people to understand one another despite the differences in their culture. Jeremy developed an interest in fashion throughout his time in DC and New York, and this knowledge was essential in the development of his brand. He eventually returned to Denver, marking Maroon Bell Outdoor’s start. “The fashion business may have lost its prestige, but it was never gone,” the entrepreneur shares in an interview. “We will assist in bringing it back.”

Jeremy studied business at Colorado State University and has lived in the Czech Republic, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, New York, and Denver. Jeremy’s designs are of the finest quality and are creative and adaptable in his attempt to restore fashion’s respectability. He has always aspired to be an entrepreneur, and before founding Maroon Bell, he was a partner and CFO of a Denver-based land development firm. Jeremy is a fourth-generation Coloradan who believes that the outdoors can be found anywhere, not only on top of a mountain. 

The original designs by Maroon Bell Outdoor include flannels, Water Buffalo gloves, backpacks, and headgear. Their campfire flannels are composed of 100% handcrafted brushed cotton and come in four distinct hues ranging from aspen gold to twilight smoke. Their full-grain Water Buffalo gloves are three times stronger than cowhide, more durable, and adapt to your hands, delivering the dexterity its competitors lack. A 600D PVC coated Polyester backpack with a cow crunch skin bottom is also available at Maroon Bell Outdoor. This bag is light, robust, one-of-a-kind, and adaptable.

The groundbreaking fashion company is paving the way for other fashion companies by pledging to donate 3% of its revenues to non-profit groups it supports. Maroon Bell Outdoor is breaking down barriers via its dedication to enthusiasm, service, and the ability to produce truly adaptable designs. These organizations include Project Worthmore, a Denver-based non-profit that assists refugees, the Denver Police Brotherhood, and Cottonwood Institute, both of which seek to empower young people.