Marcus Alland on a Mission to Take the Music World by Storm

Not only is Marcus Alland equipped with an abundance of talent, but he also has an unrelenting level of determination and commitment. We find out all about his journey so far and where his passion for music commenced.

Vision to reality

The music industry is undoubtedly among the most difficult to break into for aspiring individuals.

A high level of talent is needed, as well as patience, to turn the vision into a reality.

Marcus Alland has well and truly made his mark in the industry thanks to a wide range of impressive attributes that he is equipped with.

Hailing from Queens, New York, Marcus infuses hand crafted melodic beats and rhythmic semantics that grace his audience with substance.

He is passionate, consistent and in love with his craft – which is clear to see from his talents.

In his youth, Marcus moved to Maryland where he discovered his passion for music. 

He continues to work on personal growth and enjoys sharing valuable and memorable music to the world. 

Marcus, a king in his own right, is ready to take the world by storm, one song at a time.

Find your passion

While many people are afraid to chase their dreams, that is certainly not the case for Marcus.

Ever since a young age, he has set his mind on achieving his goals and refused to let up on his efforts.

Not only is his talent unique, but so is his determination, which has played a key role in getting him to where he is today.

Marcus started taking music seriously at the age of 16, although it started out as a hobby and nothing that he wanted to pursue full time. 

However, when he felt the passion of creating, it transformed into something bigger.

Stunning success

Of course, there are many achievements that have been memorable for Marcus since he started his journey in the industry – but there is one particular achievement which springs to his mind.

His biggest success was releasing his independent debut album “INTRODUCTION”. It has been years in the making and he is blessed by God that it is finally here.

But while Marcus has already enjoyed much success, he is refusing to take his foot off the gas as he sets his sights on new goals.

His future goals are to constantly build his fan base, do many more live performances and collaborate with other gifted artists and creators.

Furthermore, in ten years he sees himself being well established, a man of charity and a person that people can learn from.

Without a doubt, the most important factor about Marcus’ music is its substance. You can expect to receive a positive message every time.

And fans are certainly going to be in for a treat in the future when they get to experience more of his music.