The Mic Check Global CEO (right) and rap legend Boosie Badazz announced big news last week.

Making The Difference – Darris Robins Is The Marketing Expert Musicians Trust


The CEO and founder of Mic Check Global once found himself in the same position his artist are when they come to him now. One of the factors that separate the emphatic success guarantor from most marketing experts in the industry.

With a highly competitive creative scene like the music industry – especially the genres rap, r’n’b, and pop – it takes way more than just talent for an artist to stand out. Like it or not, there are thousands of people out there that have the potential to be the next superstar. But the difference, in most cases, is on the business side.
A lot of people want to do it all themselves, but it’s much smarter to accept the fact that there are people that are the best at what they do, just as you are with your personal strengths.

So even in times where technology lets almost everyone self-produce, self-release and have an overall extremely independent approach to a career in the music industry, there are fields that require high expertise, experience and a network that results from years of focussed work in the scene.

When Darris Robins founded MicCheckGlobal in 2013, he had already successfully branded and marketed several artists and creatives worldwide. 

Starting with social media, his range of services has expanded impressively over the years, so that today he offers artists the full package to take things further. 

Darris Robins’ Mic Check Global shares its success story with its clients.

Any artist that puts their trust in Darris Robins is guaranteed to reach another level in their career. And it’s simple. MicCheckGlobal simply have the knowledge and technology that it takes to make the cut in 2020. Reaching high streaming numbers, having an organic growth in social media, landing in the right Spotify and Apple Music playlists, verifying your profiles, your name becoming a brand, looking like one and ultimately selling like one. These things take more than creativity in this age of technology. Apart from the right contacts, there’s IT knowledge, marketing solutions, calculations and a lot of education that make the difference between a talent and a successful artist.

MicCheckGlobal are now 7 years in business and have countless testimonials and success stories to share.

One of the most recent ones is their partnership with industry legend Boosie Badazz, who teamed up with Darris Robins as a promising partner for unsigned artists.

Especially the aspiring, early stage of career talents know that MCG is the go-to address to jump to the next level – and potentially end up signing a record deal with one of their idols.

Robins knows how tricky the whole marketing and social media market can be for artists that only want to put their trust into someone that has their best interests, so that they can fully concentrate on the creative part.

When there’s a hundred people offering you similar services, who do you go with and who just wants to take your money and doesn’t really care about your career?

MicCheckGlobal have impressive numbers and high profile artists and personalities that vouch for the effectivity and authenticity of Robins’ services.
A network that is constantly expanding, with a sole purpose: to get his artist’s numbers up, to make them go viral. So whether they are looking for the full package or just to have their new single or visuals promoted, labels as wells as independent artists turn to Darris Robins, knowing they are investing in themselves safely.

There is absolutely no doubt that we are going to see more of his artists going viral and building solid careers with his help, with a relentlessly improving CEO like Darris Robins, MicCheckGlobal are just at the beginning seeing the real fruits of their work.