justin woll

Justin Woll Went from Dorm Parties to Ecommerce Mentoring

How does a college student go from beer pong parties to becoming one of the most successful ecommerce entrepreneurs?

Well a pure determination and a strong set of business skills and feel must have been it.

In a more elaborate way of describing his exact path here’s Justin himself:

“I hardly ever left my dorm and tested store after store, product after product, always tweaking and refining my strategy until I finally found a formula that worked for me and ultimately led to my first big ecommerce success. I then became more involved in the online ecommerce community to further expand my knowledge and share my strategies with others,”

But not only as we can see the man had a clear gift for the business it was also something more. Getting to the life and work style he wanted himself was the main driver for him:

“Nothing excites me like the idea of being on a beach working, making money, and changing the lives of others as I do it.  I truly made my dreams reality. I used to spend over twelve hours a day, and even more to make sure I am outworking the guy to the left of me, I decided I was going to make an impact on others life, my life, and  the world. Let it drive you, let it fuel you, but most importantly never let it tear you down or slow you down. You must truly be willing to sacrifice your sanity at certain points to get to where you know you can be, you must be able to control this, and understand when it happens,”

What is especially exemplary about this young man is what motivates him now. You can clearly see from the fact of him letting students ask him direct questions 24/7 to his messengers alone it speaks volumes. He clearly is in it for helping people and being efficient rather than just money. And that is a winning life attitude. Justin Woll mentoring will get you to 7 figure in no time.

““It has never been easier to create an online store / source products and advertise them online as it is right now. You can start an online store today and have an established customer base in germany, south africa, brazil and japan only a few short weeks later. No matter their business size, we are able to provide them with specific tactics for them to either establish their business or further grow it once they plateaued,”