Jonathan Gerow: The Man Behind NYC’s Revolutionary Hair Clinic


The story behind the artist’s successfully pioneering business is impressive, inspirational and heartfelt. A proof, that the raison-d’être of creative industries is permanent and unquestionable.

Owning a clinic is impressive in itself, but imagine owning one that regularly works with NBA and NFL stars and TV celebrities that include Funk Master, Flex, Erik Serman, Darron William, Mr Commodore to name just some. Well, Jonathan Gerow is one such person, owner of a NYC based Scalp Micropigmentation Center. But it is not just famous names who flock to the clinic, Jonathan welcomes all individuals, and many people walk through the doors seeking to improve their profile in some way, perhaps looking to boost their self-esteem. And we are talking to a lot of people as this is the busiest clinic in the world!

The path that would eventually lead to the opening of the clinic began back when Jonathan was in his early twenties. At this time he had already become a well-renowned tattoo artist. Sadly, around this time he received the news that his beloved mother had been diagnosed with cancer. He continued to work on establishing himself as a creative artist, gaining a strong following. However he made sure to spend every moment he could with his mother, whilst she received her treatment which included a tough regime of chemotherapy.

A life-changing experience for the young artist

During this period, he first learned about the process of Scalp Micro Pigmentation, and was intrigued about the potential. “I looked at what others were doing in those days and thought the final result could be a whole lot more realistic” says Gerow. “ the chemo patients that I had seen were losing their hair and some of them were devastated. This had a massive impact on me. After my Mom passed I dreamt about how I could help them and my Mom. I think it was my way of grieving for my Mom and following my passion”. To follow up on his discoverings he set out to broaden his horizons, heading to Europe to learn more about SMP. In Birmingham, England he received training from the inventors of SMP, Jonathan explains: “The SMP professionals at the time were doing more of a shading and some treatments looked very artificial, so I took it on myself to turn up the heat and develop our solution into more of a serious art form that observers would never recognize as it would be so realistic and blend”. 

In the fall of 2016, Gerow founded He is proud of his clinic and the service that he offers, making it clear that he steers away from the impersonal service offered by some. As he says himself: “There are no cookie-cutter SMP patients; everybody needs a slightly different solution. There are so many variables including head shape, natural hairline, ambient room temperature, skin texture, condition and much more. My new Company listens a lot to our patients before we start the process so that a great outcome is inevitable”.

Judging by the massive amount of people that regularly walk through his doors, his vision has been very well realised.