Jem Bourouh: Is Raising the Bar In eCommerce Coaching
Jem Bourouh: Is Raising the Bar In eCommerce Coaching

Jem Bourouh: Is Raising the Bar In eCommerce Coaching

Jem Bourouh is a 23-year-old full-time entrepreneur who was born and raised in Germany. The last four years have seen him building and selling 7-8 figure eCommerce brands. After selling more than $20,000,000 through his eCommerce startups, he decided to launch Adcubator. This marketing firm also invests in smaller DTC brands and functions as a VC. He also owns eCom Incubator, an education company.

He is a full-stack marketer that understands marketing basics, consumer behavior, branding and positioning, business strategy, media buying, copywriting, and landing page design, among other things. He and his team manage clients on Google Ads platform and grow and scale eCommerce businesses to 9 figures in revenue.

So tell me, Jem, how did you get started on your entrepreneurship journey?

Jem: I was still in university at the time, studying business economics, and I was always looking for ways to earn income. I was searching YouTube for ways to make money online when I came across dropshipping. This was in December of 2017. Since then, I’ve been obsessed with marketing, consumer psychology, behaviorism, and media buying.

What’s the most important lesson you have learned in your journey?

Jem: I wouldn’t say it’s the most important lesson I’ve ever learned, but it’s something I keep reminding myself of every day. We all wake up, and the most important thing I’ve learned is that failure is not an option. If you keep trying hard enough and always get back on your feet, it’s a matter of when rather than if you’ll succeed. Practically any situation can be handled with this. You will succeed if you keep trying hard enough. 

What has been your most impressive entrepreneurship achievement?

Honestly, there are several things that I would love to mention.

  1. We scaled several clients from $0-$1,000,000 in revenue in 30 days.
  2. We made the TikTok Leggings viral and are responsible for the peak on Google Trends. We sold more than 120,000 units!
  3. I scaled a beauty company to $780,000 in attributed revenue during BFCM.
  4. We are one of the most reputable Full-Stack Google Ads agencies in the entire world.
  5. I spend around $12,000,000 a month in my agency for my clients and therefore am among the world’s top spenders
  6. We are scaling a company for six times to 1,000,000€ a day with their product launches.
  7. Awarded by Zipify (Shopify’s Top Upsell App) For $1M+ in upsells
  8. Awarded by ClickFunnels for $1,000,000 in sales through one funnel

What were some of the challenges you’ve had to overcome to get to this point?

Jem: Long nights and early mornings. I am a great believer in perseverance and determination. Some argue that you should work smart rather than hard. I strongly believe in doing both.

Putting in the effort will allow you to achieve anything. It’s not a matter of if, but instead of when. Never give up trying, and always get back up if you fall. I’m also incredibly stubborn but open-minded, which has kept me going through all the nonsense in entrepreneurship. It would help if you were unshakeable.

What are your future goals and ventures?

Discussing his long-term objectives According to Jem, “my future ambition is to construct an educational institution and mentor young people.”

Venture: The existing VC model is broken. Too much money is being invested into brands too quickly. For generating profitable growth, an appropriate amount of capital is required.

Could you share your advice with those who would like to pursue a career similar to yours?

Jem says,

Don’t make it too complicated. Start and see what happens. Don’t overthink it. If you merely procrastinate and make excuses, you will never be successful. 

What are some of the quotes that inspire you the most?

Jem: “Comfort breeds complacency.”

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me! What is the best way for someone who wants to get in touch with you?

Jem: Feel free to reach out to me here on Instagram or Facebook