How YourownMusic Is Helping Underground Artists Stand Out

When talking about making some revolutionary moves in the field of music, Jake shaw’s company, YourownMusic, is the popular name that makes headlines. He began trying different things with marketing analytics and photography at 11 years old. Within 10 years after he found his interest in marketing, he turned into an entrepreneur, professional photographer, and iOS developer. By the age of 16, he decided to make photography his profession and later led to getting featured in various outlets like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Yahoo, International Business Times, and so forth. Jake shaw was born in Blackpool, and became super famous for his viral meme posts, which made him keen on starting a social media company.

The music industry is quite a complex one and gaining success in this field is even more difficult. Therefore, it is imperative to work for the development of the music area and its artists. Jake shaw and his team at YourownMusic have been doing just that ever since the company was started. In spite of the fact that he set up YourownMusic in 2016, Jake had been continually developing his name in the online marketing industry since the time he was 11. His interest and will to learn was what pushed him towards receiving total understanding and comprehension of how the online world works. Hence he became capable and extremely great in utilizing social media to make sure that an individual’s name, their image and business develops properly and then continues to grow to new heights.

Being an underground artist who is trying to make it in the music industry can be very hard. In addition to this, people take advantage of you, steal your music and would do anything to make sure that you do not become successful. In short, it is a cruel world. However, do not lose hope. This is where YourownMusic comes in. Jake shaw is on a mission to help underground artists to grow and make a name for themselves.

One of the manners through which YourownMusic assists artists in increasing their fan base is by planning down the timeline of their career and then creating various strategies and step by step techniques that would be suitable for them. According to Jake, using social media campaigns are extremely important and should be the top most priority to increase the artist’s following. This is the reason as to why it is one of the main services that YourownMusic offers. The company is proud of the fact that it stepwise practices professional methods that are professed to be a formula for progress. Furthermore, a portion of the gigantic brands Jake shaw has worked for are NFL, Sperry, Sunny D, White Castle, Walmart, ASUS, AD Council, FILA, and some more. Following the order of significance, the subsequent stages to developing an artist’s fan base include utilizing Social Media Campaigns and Spotify Campaigns.

In all honesty, in review of YourownMusic, they are really a dream come true for rising young artists. It is companies like these that help them in making their music become accessible to millions of people across the globe. YOM manages to do this without any hassles at all. Jake shaw The CEO states “we are not here to please all because no business is, we are here to please the majority that are ready to utilize this as a job”. Thus, encouraging the young musicians to fulfill their dream and continue doing something that they love, i.e. create music and art. Due to this very reason, Jake shaw and his team at YourownMusic deserve a huge shout out as they continue to encourage all the artists whose mission is to unite the world through the sound of music.