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How To Get Into Entrepreneurship with Stepan Talabira

Starting a brand new career path is no easy task – and the especially applies when it comes to entrepreneurship, but not for Stepan Talabira.

How To Have A Fulfilling Career – Passions

Ensuring that your passions are incorporated into your career as much as possible may be something that is extremely hard to do, be it due to circumstances or otherwise. Of course, there ARE career paths that allow you to partake in what you love for a living, and such a career path would be entrepreneurship! Although it IS rather hard to succeed in, Stepan has managed to take the appropriate steps in ensuring that he reaches the very peak as fast as possible!

Starting In Entrepreneurship – In The Past

In his youth, Stepan was extremely passionate about programming and its many wonders – so much so that he even tried his damned best to incorporate programming into his life from a very young age! For example, when Stepan was still in university, he had the habit of using his phone for programming on his bus trip to university!

Although it was difficult at the very start, seeing as phones back then didn’t actually have the capability of hosting any kind of programming app, he managed to write up the lines of code he thought of during transit before inputting them into a computer – which ended up working wonders and teaching him the magic of programming as time went on!

Turning Your Passion Into Profit – Reach For The Sky

Since his true passion for programming revealed itself during the 2000s, Stepan Talabira had to resort to writing his algorithms in notepads, sms, and a couple other fairly inconvenient places before he actually got access to a computer. All of this struggle was well worth the elbow grease, however – it IS this passion for programming that guided Stepan towards the brilliant path of entrepreneurship that he is now on!

From there on, he continued to gain massive amounts of experience in things such as website development, application and game development, as well as marketing! The experience that he has gained within the fields that have been mentioned above has proven pretty much invaluable to his career, and he surely wouldn’t be where he currently is if it weren’t for his younger self taking interest in such things.

Developing Your Career – Growing As A Person

While skills are extremely important to have in pretty much any career, making sure that you, as a person, are also ready for the challenges which lie ahead is also critical to your very own equation for success. Even if you possess the appropriate skills to run a business, your will and your mind need to also be ready for the tremendous task that will lay itself on your shoulders once you decide to start walking down the path of entrepreneurship.

However, having as many skills under your belt is still JUST AS equally important as making sure that you can handle whatever comes your way! For example, not only does Stepan have the skills that were mentioned above, he is also very proficient in the fields of highload projects, analytics, research AND data analysis – which are all extremely difficult skills to pick up and learn!

Of course, Stepan is always progressing like everyone else in virtually every career – and his progress is surely worthy of being followed! Although very active on a variety of social platforms, Stepan Talabira can most often be found and contacted on his Facebook (, his Linkedin profile (, and his website ( We believe that many young entrepreneurs can take Stepan as a very good of example of what success truly looks like!