Sean Pandya

How to Focus on Growth with Entrepreneur Sean Pandya


Sean Pandya is the inspirational figure that we can all afford to look up to.  A humble man but with many luxuries to enjoy, he has built the success that he dwells in and continues to build off of today.  Currently, he stands at an esteemed and prestigious status as CEO of an engineering company that specializes in electrical, mechanical, plumbing and architectural design, Amcon Consultants Inc. 

He has recently gone a step further with branching into his own extension and company, Sean Pandya Enterprise, which has been gathering momentum in the cannabis industry by propagating dispensaries and cultivation buildings.  He has also built a presence on Instagram where he showcases his sculpted physique and impressive car collection.  Pandya is making major moves in the entrepreneurial world and he continues to strive for more.  Complacency is simply not an option when it comes to Sean Pandya.

Pandya experienced what many can relate to back in the days of grade school.  He was bullied and often underestimated.  But through it all, Pandya consistently held on to sentiments and self-belief that he was destined for far greater things.  A look at where Pandya stands today and that rings as remarkably true through the empire he is steadily building up around him. 

Pandya tried out the college route but realized quickly that it wasn’t for him and that he instead preferred to dive straight into the responsibilities and aspirations of the workplace but it wasn’t big money right from the very start.  Pandya’s first business endeavor was actually free – free in physical money but priceless in terms of the knowledge and skill set it equipped him with.  He took on a voluntary internship at Amcon under the tutelage of his father, Anil Pandya, who is Amcon’s original founder.  Since, he has scaled his own path up in the company, gaining the prestigious position as CEO and has even pushed past to his own faction in the cannabis world by erecting dispensaries and buildings dedicated to the cultivation of medicinal plants.  He was warned by friends and family about its controversy and stigma but decided to forgo those warnings and for good reason because his instincts have led him to being very successful.

For some, after experiencing the degree of success that Pandya has had the privilege and liberty to enjoy, they might see it as a pausing or stopping point, but not Pandya.  To Pandya, this is only the beginning.   In fact, on a ten year timeline, he envisions himself being the proud business owner of a stream and variety of companies.  He emphasized this by confidently saying, “I don’t want to remain stagnant, instead I will continue to grow my empire.”  Pandya’s entrepreneurial mindset and business excursions are not just limited to the cannabis industry and the great work done at Amcon.  In fact and what may be surprising to some, some future endeavors may revolve around one particular fur buddy.  That’s right – cats!  In one interview, Pandya opened up about that one of his aspirations and even went so far to label it as an “ultimate goal”, is to open up his very own cat shelter!  Now isn’t that something for all the cat lovers out there?

There’s something for everyone to appreciate about Pandya.  Not only is he an exceptional role model being the business mogul he is, but whether someone is a 420-lover, a cat-lover, a fitness fanatic, or a car fan, Pandya has a little something to sprinkle in for everyone.  To keep up with Sean Pandya and his blooming empire, follow his social media handles: Facebook and Instagram.