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How Gabe Schillinger Used Funnels to Go From Starving Artist to Music Production Millionaire

Gabe Schillinger is a music producer who used viral marketing to transform a fledgling music production business into a titan of the industry.

For most people trying to break into the music industry, the opportunity to work with some of the game’s biggest names like Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, 2 Chainz and Chris Brown is the dream. Well, for Gabe Schillinger and his production company Legion Beats, that’s the reality. But perhaps most impressive is how he got there. By using viral marketing techniques, Gabe Schillinger was able to create a six-figure launch and take his company to over $2 Million in revenue just from funnels.

Early Struggles

Having seen the damage that record labels can have on aspiring artists, Gabe Schillinger knew that he wanted to go down the independent route. But the road certainly wasn’t easy. Until the age of 27, he was still living in his father’s home and even struggled to buy fast food. He didn’t want to quit, but as he became more desperate, he knew something needed to change.

That’s when he decided to course correct and started selling online and discovered his “2nd passion after music: marketing”. This started small, most of his sales were small and came through Youtube. It wasn’t much, but it was a start.

But then, Gabe Schillinger discovered funnels.

How Funnels Transformed the Game

Most of Gabe’s competitors in the music production space were using the same worn-out techniques; make some beats then try to get it on the desk of a decision-maker. But he knew that this was not going to be the way he would succeed.

So, when Gabe Schillinger discovered click funnels, the pieces began to come together in his head. By using free beats as a lead magnet, he could start building a list and directing it to his store. It didn’t produce anything crazy in terms of revenue, but it did set the foundation for the future success of Legion Beats.

$10,000 on Black Friday

This is where things really exploded for Gabe and when he realized how powerful funnels can be for a growing business.

With Black Friday 2016 just around the corner, Gabe knew that there was an opportunity here. So, he decided to build a new landing page with an upsell and the results were absolutely insane.

$10,000 in one day!

These were numbers Gabe couldn’t even comprehend beforehand. By the end of the year, he had hit $30,000 and has never looked back.

The Big One: $200,000 in One Week! And How He Did It

Everything that Gabe Schillinger had learned up to this point was setting up his biggest click funnel campaign yet.

In 2019, Gabe launched an incredible Upviral campaign that blew all expectations out of the water. In just one week he generated 41000 leads and a whopping $200,000 in revenue!

Here’s how he did it:

Provide Insane Value

As he does every year since 2016, Gabe planned a giveaway campaign for Black Friday. In order to have his best year yet, Gabe knew that he needed to provide immense value to all his potential needs. The grand prize for 2019 included:

  • Flying the winner to Legion Beats’ studio
  • Recording, mixing and mastering their song
  • Shooting and editing their music video
  • Spending $1000 to promote their single

With so much value, it’s no wonder he had so many leads signed up.


Gabe’s choice of holding the launch on Black Friday is no coincidence. He knew that this was a time when people were willing to loosen the purse strings and so it was the obvious time to provide an upsell.


Gabe’s giveaway campaigns usually last anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. This extended time frame is highly important to Gabe’s strategy. He knew that the longer the campaign lasted, the more buzz and community discussion it would produce.


Gabe Schillinger believes that it’s important that the grand prize of a giveaway is a low risk to you. While his 2019 prize was extravagant, it wasn’t very risky compared to the size of Legion Beats at the time. During his first ever giveaway, he only offered 100 free beats.

Built-In Incentives

Finally, a campaign must have a built-in virality component, a way for your customers to market your offer themselves. In Gabe’s case, he offered an additional 10 beats for anyone that referred 3 of their friends to the campaign.

If you want to follow Gabe’s journey, check our his Instagram: @legiongabe