“Hold Up” by Nive x JoDo is a great song for anyone

“Hold Up” by Nive x JoDo is a great song for anyone looking for something to turn on when trying to turn up! Great energy from both artists on this track bringing you two different styles of hip-hop into one. Rochester, NY Artist JoDo starts the song off with an incredible melodic hook that instantly draws you into the track. JoDo maintains a consistent melody and flow with a smooth transition into his first verse. One of the more unique things about the track that stood out to me the most was the part where the song stops and JoDo says “Hold up… lemme smoke my joint”. That to me was very unique and brought a lot of character to the song. With the ending of JoDo’s second hook it leads into Nive’s first verse. Nive also maintains a steady flow throughout his entire verse that draws you in even more with the versatility of the track. combining both melodic hip-hop and rap/trap was an amazing combination that I’m excited to hear more of. For this being Nive from Charlotte North Carolina’s first official track I do have to say I’m extremely impressed. You can tell Nive has spent a-lot of time perfecting his craft and this show definitely shows it. JoDo and Nive have most definitely created a great summer song for 2022 hype to see what’s next from them!