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Giti Online: The Best Brand for Plus-Size Fashion

Giti Online has undergone several changes since Christopher Chong first opened up their doors in 2003. They began as a small retail center for the free-spirited crowd in Gainesville, Florida, but they have expanded into something much more significant. Chong’s drive and motivation, Giti Online tuned from retail to wholesale and brick-and-mortar to online. Despite the changes, they have retained their brand identity and become the most popular place for plus-size clothing on the internet.

Christopher Chong is a firm believer in failing forward and always being willing to take risks. Without risks, Giti Online likely wouldn’t be where it is today. Their loyal customers from the start understood their brand’s mission: to provide current and vibrant fashion to women. With the latest styles always available, Chong was popular with his customers before Giti Online even transferred to an internet platform.

Giti Online’s original business model was brick-and-mortar, leaving little opportunity for them to expand. They relied on a few orders a month and their physical storefront, but time passed, and opportunities began to arise. As the world became increasingly digital, Chong saw a chance to become a game-changer in the fashion industry. Instead of running their brick-and-mortar store, they saw the opportunity to transition to wholesale to service even more clients.

By buying wholesale, not only would Giti Online have a surplus of options, but Christopher Chong would widen their customer base. Now, they have thousands of orders every week, and they have grown to a staff of thirty or more members. Their success has even been maintained during the pandemic. It shows that their mission to be the best in the plus-sized fashion market has been achieved.

While it largely impacted their business, Chong did not intend for their wholesale decision to have another new customer: smaller boutiques. As he recalls, Giti Online also endured its struggles as it was starting to gain traction. Chong remembers the difficulties of their earlier days, leading to where they are now. Despite all the challenges, he wouldn’t have it any other way, knowing that the struggle led him to some of the lessons he learned on the journey. With the introduction into the wholesale fashion industry, Chong turned Giti Online into a fashion source for more than just their customers, but for small businesses looking to start their stores.

Giti Online moved their headquarters to Miami, but they have never forgotten where they came from. In less than two decades, they went from a small store in Oaks Mall in Gainesville to one of the more competitive plus-size clothing stores online! They continue to provide high-quality clothing to their customers and hope to adapt even more in the future. Now, the goal is to become a store for fashion desires of all kinds, genuinely expanding their product market and making themselves even more marketable.

As Chong sets his dreams on international expansion, Giti Online has a promising future ahead, with a solid and loyal customer base already created. In a few years, they will soon become one of the more substantial plus-sized companies worldwide, not just in the United States. As they continue to rival Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Things, they constantly prove their reputation is actual: they are the best plus-size store on the internet today.

To check out their sales and promotions, check out their Instagram account, Facebook page, and YouTube channel. For those interested in plus size clothing, be sure to check out their website at all for a vast selection of items! They constantly update their inventory and provide their customers with the best products and best customer experience possible.