Naor Yazdan

“First They Will Laugh, Then They Will Copy” – With Fitness Entrepreneur Naor Yazdan

“First they will laugh, then they will copy.”  That is a quote that Naor Yazdan both lives by and resonates with.  He grew up with a scrawny, skinny stature which made him the laughing spectacle of school bullies.  However, after becoming engaged with a diligent fitness routine, Yazdan has built and sculpted his body to be the source of admiration for many through his social media platforms as well as his clientele.  Today, he works as an Israeli model, a fitness trainer, and a real estate entrepreneur.  In 2021, this is the fitness beast you are going to want to keep your eyes peeled for.  Not only does he come in with the muscle gains, but he also has a heartfelt and inspirational story.  

Humble Beginnings

Yazdan’s fitness journey didn’t start out with what some may refer to as the “traditional route”.  Rather, those who can relate are most likely in the military or with a military background.  At the ripe age of 18, Yazdan was enlisted in the Israeli Defense Forces.  Naturally, being in any type of military requires diligent training to build up one’s physical strength and endurance.  The same applied to Yazdan’s experience with the Israeli army.  However, although it began as a job requirement, Yazdan ended up taking it a step further as he came to realize that he was actually pretty passionate about his fitness training and genuinely enjoyed it.  It also had an aesthetic perk – Yazdan was no longer the scrawny kid.  He now had a muscular build thanks to the incessant training that he was required to initially partake in.  

The Start of a New Career for Yazdan

After parting ways with the Israeli Defense Forces and moving onward to where else life would lead Yazdan, Yazdan proceeded to attend Wingate Sports Academy to earn a personal trainer certificate.  This made him certified and built his credibility to take his passion for fitness and being active to the next level – helping others to achieve their dream body goals just as he did.  His personal training career turned out to be very fruitful as through the course of time, he has trained thousands of clients.  In 2019, he even launched his own website to better connect with clients.

A Heart Wrenching Change of Plans

As successful as things were going for Yazdan, his journey was not one without downfalls as is true with anyone’s journey.  There is bound to be some downhills along with the uphill spirals at some point.  To Yazdan’s dismay, he needed a heart valve replacement surgery.  The news was a shock and worry to him as he thought his fitness career was surely doomed after.  However, that was not a reality that he was willing to accept.  After the surgery, Yazdan made it his priority to ensure that he did everything in his power to make his recovery a success.  Through careful adherence to doctors’ orders and patience and grace with himself, Yazdan was able to build his fitness stamina back up.  It was a huge accomplishment and relief to Yazdan.  He could finally set his worries of his fitness career ending aside and continue to be the source of admiration and inspiration to many.

Just as the quote goes, Yazdan experienced his share of being laughed at.  But that laughter soon subsided with time to be replaced with being copied and imitated as people began to look up to him in hopes of achieving the same body goals that Yazdan so seamlessly managed and exhibited with his carefully sculpted figure.  To keep up with Naor Yazdan and what 2021 has for him next, follow his social media handles: Instagram and Facebook.