Egli Haxhiraj

Egli Haxhiraj Talks About His Thriving Expat Coaching Course “Doing Business Abroad”

International Tax Lawyer and Business Coach, Egli Haxhiraj is here to share his success story with our readers. With personal experience in Investing Abroad and Expat Entrepreneurship, his success story is revealing what are the steps to establish a successful online business in 2020. 

Egli Haxhiraj graduated from the University of Parma in Italy. After graduating he decided to go back to Albania and pursue his career in Law. Not long after that, he got a huge opportunity and became Judicial Advisor to the Tirana Court of Appeal at a relatively young age.

Coming out of his comfort zone, Egli Haxhiraj was looking out for opportunities and new ways of making business. As a result, he opened a law and tax firm, “Fare Impresa” to assist and protect the interests of the International companies. With a strong entrepreneurial mentality and expertise in law and accounting Egli’s new project turns out to be a successful idea. On top of this, Fare Impresa is equipped with a vast network of contacts in the specific area for every investor.

Thus, with tailored services, Egli Haxhiraj not only has a successful business but also he made an important presence in the industry, becoming the Lawyers of the VIP’s. On top of that, he opens a Business Coaching Company with a course called “Doing Business Abroad” with strategies for expat entrepreneurs and business professionals who invest abroad. His biggest success so far?

“I have personally helped more than 350 Expats their New Companies Abroad and start a new life.”

It is highly important to be creative in this industry as well, regardless of the while collar preconceptions about this type of job. You need to reinvent yourself over and over again, to come with new ideas and strategies in order to stand out from the crowd. In order to do that, Egli Haxhiraj explains that it’s always better to go for the Blue Ocean strategy.

“Let’s imagine for a moment that the markets in which all companies operate are divided into two parallel oceans of different colors, one red and one blue, depending on where companies are positioned.

The red ocean is a market where there is a bloody fight between competitors to win a greater share of scarce demand within the same sector, and where there are low margins for competing on price.

The blue ocean, on the other hand, is completely different, going in a blue ocean market means crossing borders and exploring new territories, finding new market spaces that make competitors irrelevant.”

Egli has big future plans when comes to “Doing Business Abroad”. He thinks of transforming it into a movement of people who share the same values of free entrepreneurship and freedom to establish a life where they are treated better.

What makes Egli Haxhiraj different than other competitors in this industry is that he is finding new opportunities very often, he has this talent of not giving up when times become hard and difficult. One of his future goals is to build an online academy of expat entrepreneurs.

Feel free to follow Egli on Instagram @eglihaxhiraj or Facebook at Egli Haxhiraj. Take your motivation and be inspired by his ongoing positivity and development.