Dessert So Good They Go Viral – Victor Pastries

Victor Pastries is a well-established patisserie in Caracas, Venezuela. And its expansion has reached beyond the borders of Venezuela. The head and founder, Victor Chocron, is known for blending multi-cuisine expertise into his desserts, that seem to always hit the sweet spot – including his over 1.5 million followers on social media.

There’s no doubt that the place is a heaven for dessert lovers. You can find an extensive menu and countless options to choose from. However, there is an even sweeter and compassionate side to the business than what you see on the surface. 

Actively Working With Social Organizations 

Victor Gourmet Pastries And Cookies has been closely associated with active social working organizations like Un Par Por Un Sueno. These groups specialize in support to the people with special needs. Victor and his team do their bid by providing products and goods made in the house for donation and well-being. 

It also includes active works as fundraising through sales and much more. Actively working for the community drove Victor to establish his own foundation. Hence, he came up with ‘Fundacion Victor Pastries’ which focuses on the needs of the children. The young entrepreneur is just in the third year of his business and has achieved much more than many could. 

Helping Others Without Any Expectations Of Rewards

The young chef always had a beautiful heart, as he was raised with family values. You could also see these values reflecting in his business full of respect and sincerity. They maintain a positive ambience and vibe which makes it stand out. But more than that, the young entrepreneur believes there’s no joy greater than helping others without expecting anything in return.

While he could be dubbed as a ‘young entrepreneur’ or ‘young chef,’ he is much more than that. He clearly displays a great understanding of the world issues and affairs. Victor Chocron wants the community he has created to be a safe space for all food and dessert lovers.

And the maestro doesn’t stop putting efforts into his recipes. The talented baker consistently strives for remarkable delights he achieves through hard work. He says that giving it his all and putting maximum efforts into each exquisite is what drives him.

Once it was just a hobby, today it has become an admirable business for Victor Chocron, both retail and online. With an ever growing immense amount of followers on Instagram, the talented chef is moving towards international heights.