Cherie Rose Marayag

Cherie Rose Marayag has been appointed administrative assistant at Sowa Marketing Agency

Aidan Sowa, the CEO of Sowa Marketing Agency, announced on September 6th 2022 that Cherie Rose Marayag would be joining the agency. In her role as an admin assistant, she would contact clients on behalf of Sowa Marketing Agency.

Cherie is an enthusiastic individual with experience in providing exceptional support and ensuring work is completed on time and confidentially. In her organized environment, I can focus on providing top-level client support, resolving issues, and building relationships to ensure loyalty and growth. As a self-starter, she can accomplish tasks without supervision or direction. With her unique skill set, she ensures 100% customer satisfaction.

Her background includes email management, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, writing, affiliate marketing, email, and tech support. Additionally, she holds a bachelor’s degree in information technology from Isabela State University. She has many plans, including buying a house, which she is extremely ambitious about

“I’m excited to see how things work with Cherie,” said Aidan Sowa, CEO of Sowa Marketing Agency. This team member is a great addition, and she’s already shown herself to be an easy worker. She will provide excellent customer service and be a valuable member of our team.”